Monday, September 20, 2010

celebrating adoption, birthdays, and love

Living in the community we live in we are very family oriented. Our friends and church family are very very important to us and some weekends we stay busy helping our friends.
On Saturday morning the kids and I stood in front of a grocery store helping to sell baked goods for some dear friends who are adopting from China.

Channie-Mae and the boys brought their own money so they could eat some of the delicious baked goods.
Taylor and our friend Bell baked rolls and cookies and helped drum up business and Taylor's hot
cinnamon rolls definitely helped.

On Saturday night we went to an engagement party celebrating some dear friends up coming marriage.
It always reminds me of the great love Scott and I share. 18 years later and we still have such a great
love for each other. Even though our love is shared with a house full.
 The night was perfect as we celebrated love.

 On Sunday morning our little miracles woke up to celebrate their 1st birthday. Surrounded by friends and lots of love and attention. Our friends made food and fruit platters and my friend Kathy made the cutest cakes
and cupcakes. Kathy has been such a dear friend to me and my family for the past 8 years. You know, the kind of friend who helps you celebrate every occasion. The friend who calls up and says "you wanna go eat some chips and salsa and talk (for hours) in a Mexican restaurant?" The friend who has helped me grow more than anyone else. She was the one who helped me start homeschooling, taught me about hospitality, and gave me direction on not being too busy. She is a giver and when you're sick she will be the first to bring food.
When you're sad she will encourage. A true Titus 2 woman that I'm so thankful to have in my life.


She and her family made the girls birthday party very very special.

♪ ♫ Happy birthday to you.
Happy birthday to you.
Happy birthday dear Ellie Cate and Josie Claire
Happy Birthday to you. ♫ ♪

So this weekend was very full indeed. We laughed and yes, I cried (alittle) 
You'll notice Mimi is with us and we have enjoyed her company.
Our life is full, blessed, and truly amazing.


The Byrd's Nest said...

Oh Happy Birthday to two little miracles!!!!! What a special weekend;)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, girls!

You guys are a precious family and wonderful friends.

Renata said...

Happy Birthday to your precious girls - they are just adorable!
Love the cakes your friend made - she sure is talented!
Have a wonderful week

Sarah said...

Happy Birthday to your little darlings! We had two birthdays at our house this weekend, as well.


Anonymous said...

Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes..They are truly amazing girls.

Gifts I un wrap everyday:)

love you all,

Jen in Al said...

Happy happy birthday to Ellie Cate and Josie Claire!!! Our family has loved watching these cuties grow through the beautiful pictures on your blog! Hope we get to see your family soon! Oh, the Bice family is having a fellowship gathering to talk about adoption and how we as believers can love on orphans. Here is their blog with the information. I know they would love to have your family there! Blessings, Jen in al

The Ferrill's said...

Happy Birthday to those sweet babies. Oh how full your life and heart really are!
I went to the Bice's blog and got connected! Woo hoo! God is moving!
Hugs to you...

The Ferrill's said...

Email me if you get a chance...


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