Thursday, September 30, 2010

Expect the Unexpected from me...

 The air was cool, the lights were romantic. My husband comes home and was surprised to find an outside
candlelight dinner waiting for him. Music wavering from the front porch. The air just crisp enough to notice that fall has began un-packing her suitcase on the farm. Soup and homemade bread was our bounty and my man was surprised.
 Why do I bother making our life special? Why do I not give in to the expected of everyday living?
Because I want them to wonder.....I want my husband to always expect the unexpected with me. Keeping our relationship fun and romantic. I want my kids to love their home and the memories we have built here and the memories I will continue to build as long as I have breath. Marriage is fun and  having lots of kids is fun, but I want my kids to understand that relationships take time and energy and you can't take your relationships for granted. You have to breathe life into them...    

The pay-off is so worth the work when after dinner we all hear the giggles and laughter of the kids playing a game of hide and seek as the dew makes her way to the stage. Can I pinch myself? I would seriously marry this man of mine again in a heart beat. His easy going nature with a touch of command is exactly what I need. Nights like these stitch our hearts together even more. The memories we build around our table is constant. 

 Bread is broken and the thankful prayer that the Lord has brought us back together again at the end of this day. So very thankful for the lives around this table, for the farm we share our lives on, and for the 
unbreakable cups my husband bought me...=) 

    And so we linger long into the darkness........


Renata said...

Just beautiful Robin!
You inspire me to go that step further.
Love your pictures - what a great idea I'll have to try once it warms up a little here (we're in spring).
Have a lovely day

Unknown said...

Love it! It's soooo easy to get stuck in the rat race. But God asks us to step out and walk in His footsteps instead. Thanks for the reminder. Hmmmm! I think I'll have to follow your example and plan a little surprise for my family soon too.

Elaine said...

Robin, you are such a remarkable lady. God has really blessed you.
Enjoy reading your blog.
God bless you and your family.

(met you in Gadsden @ Flip Side Cafe)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful and wonderful! I gotta ask ya, is the bread on the table whole wheat (looks brown like) and did you use the sour dough starter and continue with whole wheat??? This week my daughter 18(this month), that just surprises me still, made PW's cinnamon rolls with some tweeks. One bein we used 1/2 w.w. flour. Ok, back to the post. Looks so peaceful and delicious lights, soup, candles and your precious fam. Nothing but Jesus better than all that :-). tammy


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