Thursday, September 9, 2010

I'll play in dirt until I'm 90

Waffles piled high for my eight kids. Crisp hot waffles. Breakfast at our house, always one of my favorite parts of the day. Smiling faces awake after a good nights sleep. A new day. A new beginning of pouring love into the cups that are before me.

A one eyed dog that we call honey. A little girl loving the way the grass feels as she rolls across.
A mama sitting in the middle of my mission. A mission field I have to finance. I can't ask someone else to do this for me. I have to sit out in the middle of this farm and watch kids play in dirt and have kids around me like buzzing flies. I just love this job of mine.I can't help it. I was born for this job...a time such as this.
Dirty feet in the dirt that is their inheritance
Dirty faces and my kisses that are somewhere underneath. Jo has really took off these last couple of weeks. It's amazing the transformation that has taken place. His personality, his love, trust....
New teeth and almost walking. A birthday coming up..We're pulling out all the bells and whistles for these little girls. They'll be 1. Oh Lord Thank you for them. Thank you for letting me play in dirt with Josie and Ellie Cate. I'll play in dirt until I'm 90 if you'll let me.
My boy drawing hearts in the dirt for me. He smiled up with dirt on his face and said, "a heart for you mom".

A monkey named binky laying across my surgery table. I take great care with this little guy. He's been in our
family for many years. Made by Cullen's great grandmother who is 99 years old. He cherishes his monkey and I know I should probably sneak Binkey away in the night and say, "I'm not sure where he went.." in the morning but to tell you the truth, I just can't. I'm tasting the bitter sweetness of grown children now and I know the clock hands don't stop. So I"ll let Binkey live here for as long as Cullen wants him to.

Until next time....

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Bria Cosper said...

Oh what precious words. I love your perspective of life Mrs. Robin.


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