Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Licking a shopping cart and living to tell about it.

First of all, you have to know me.
A public restroom and shopping carts

are number 1 on my list of GROSS!!
I have taught my little 3 year old that he is tough when he can pee in

a cup so we don't have to go to the public restroom.
He believes me too. I don't believe he has gone to a public restroom but maybe five times in his whole potty trained life.

So, when on Friday I was able to go to Sam's with just my precious daughters,

I was slowly drifting around the store able to take in the relaxed moment without having

to dodge my buggie and another buggie around six kids. I happened to look down and saw my beautiful daughter (2 1/2) licking the handle of the buggie right before my eyes.

I screamed in horror before I remembered I was in public and then I looked into her sweet eyes and thought "my baby is going to get something horrible, she might even die."

For you see, I had just watched a special on the six o'clock news about the hidden germs on a handle of a grocery chart and my baby had gotten them ALLLL....

After a day or two of reflection on this matter I realize how I might have over reacted just a wee bit. I'm not sure it will change the way I do things. Living in a large family has it's benefits, but when someone gets sick around here they stay sick for about 2 days x's that by 6 and you have 12 days in a row of sickness...It's Not fun.

So next time I'll just make sure I germ x the handle, put a baby cover on it, and wear plastic gloves....



Anonymous said...

LMBO, she was just helping you by building up her immunity so she won't get sick as often. Aren't children grand!


Anonymous said...

Quit watching the 6 o'clock news, you know they rarely have their facts straight and they FEED FEAR!

She looks happy and healthy to me today...GOSH she is gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

If you only knew how many different germs I am exposed to on a daily basis, you probably wouldn't let me in your house or let me hug the kids! But somehow I am never sick. I think Chandler will be okay! :)

Love, Julie

Anonymous said...

It's ok Mrs. Robin. Channie is tough!
Good to see you today.

Bria Cosper said...

ROTF!!! I had no idea you were like that Mrs. Rob! Too funny! Can't wait to see you guys! Happy New years eve!

rixja said...

I can relate to this post so much! With my first child I took antibacterial cleaner with me to the playground and sprayed the swings and slides (not while the other moms were looking of course!). Now, with my fourth, I have mellowed a little bit but inside I still cringe a little here and there. My fourteen month old just recovered from rotavirus while I was without hot water in the kitchen and laundry room for 4 1/2 weeks! That is torture to a recovering germ-a-phobe like myself! By God's Grace we survived! ;)

rixja in florida

MamaHen said...

I caught James chewing, not just licking on the handle bar one day. Just a knawing away. He rarely gets sick though, so maybe it does build up their immunity!!!:)

Anonymous said...

Honey, I can totally relate! Can't stand the thought of more germs! We have a bottle of Germ X in the van (and one in the purse) and slab it on everytime we return to the van! When we leave church, hubby calls it "de-fellowshiping." ;-) He is right there with me!

I don't have a cart cover yet, but it is at the top of the list for this next sweetie pie. It might even take priority over the new bouncie seat!!!

momstheword said...

Hahaha! I'm there with you. One time my youngest stuck his hands in the public toilet and I thought I'd die. Matter of fact, I thought he'd die, lol! He is now 17 and still very much alive.

However, I still don't like public toilets unless I reaaaallly need one.

~ Nan

Unknown said...

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