Sunday, September 9, 2007

What I see

So when you look into his eyes what do you see? I see my child. I see a son full of hope and promise.
I see a little baby sad and at the same time a pair of eyes who are calling out to me.
I see a little guy who God willing will call me "mama" one day. I see a hint of what he
is going to be like when I hold him for the first time. I see someone who is going to bring joy
and love into our home. I see him like I see my first ultra-sound picture of the kids. I study to
make out every limb, every crease. I see hope in his eyes. I see promise..I see a future to be
a great man of God.
I don't see color when I look at Joesph Turner. I know that sounds strange. For us the very fact
that we are adopting an African child has been an issue for so many yet when I look at him I don't see color. I see my son Joesph Turner and I see a gift from God.....

Please say a pray for Joesph that God would keep him healthy and safe..



blessedmommy said...

Your Joseph is so cute! We will be praying that he stays healthy so that he can have his operation when he comes home to your family. What a true gift from God.
In Christ,
Melissa Arnold (AOH family)

Anonymous said...

What great pictures, it certainly makes it all more real doesn't it? I found myself studying his face and ears and hands, just like you would a new baby in the nursery after a normal delivery-it's all so strange and foreign, yet exciting and totally wonderful-I'm so sorry about the pending heart surgery, but i have no doubt you will handle that the same way you've handled everything that has come before it. And you know how God works, anytime we think we can sit back and just reap great rewards, it seems we always have to work a little harder, stretch our beliefs a little further to learn yet another of the endless lessons we are here to learn in this lifetime. If i have learned nothing else in my old age it's that God keeps presenting me with situations that are life lessons, and he will keep presenting them until i finally get it right and then, and only then, can i move on to the next lesson, whatever that may be. You would be amazed how long it has taken me to begin to get that- and even knowing that, doesn't mean you always have what it takes to handle things the right way everytime- but i think the point is, to keep trying, be aware of what needs to be handled with more love, and figure out a way to give it, even in the hardest of circumstances. Continue to fight the urge to be judgemental and to take the easy way out by maybe avoiding the situation. Keep coming back and giving it the best you have to offer that day. And as we all know, we are not perfect, and some days we have more to give than others.-At least this has been my experience-I just wanted to say hi and that i continue to think of you all, Congratulations:) Auntie Tone


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