Thursday, September 27, 2007

A phone call.

So Donna called from Acres of Hope. She just wanted me to know that I was not crazy for feeling the way I was now. She said it was normal. We are getting close to travel and my emotions are all over the place. She said alot of things but the one thing that stood out was that when she looked in Joesph's eyes she saw something that you don't see in every kid. He is special. She said he was not complaining and crying and whining he was pleasant. He loves his mama and his daddy. She said they were extraordinary and that this is the best case you could ever hope for in an adoption because he has been loved and cared for and he will miss his parents but it will be easier for him to love us because of the care he has received from them. Gosh, I have to tell you it's hard.
Meeting them will be a pleasure. Can I bring them home with us also? She told me how his hair was so soft and had hints of golden blonde intertwined with the dark. She said he was soo cute.She try ed to hold him but he wouldn't leave his mom.
We did not get an up date on his health as of yet. Please continue to pray for his health...They are meeting tomorrow and we should know alot more by Monday morning.
She said you will for sure travel in October but I can't give you a solid date but we should know more Monday.
Well I'll close for now, I'll write more as I find out.

my hearts in Liberia right now,


Kathy, Jeff's Wife said...

That first year of love is so important. He KNOWS how to love, how to TRUST.

You guys will be just fine.


Amber G. said...

Thinking about you and praying for you often!
Love you!


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