Thursday, September 27, 2007

Up and down we go....

I'm back sorry for not writing much lately. I have been very busy trying
to get all of our things together so that we can bring Joesph home.
This road is such an emotional roller coaster. One day I say OK I'm not going to
let it consume me. God knows whats going on and I don't have to stay on the clock
twenty four seven. The next moment it seems like I'm going crazy worrying about
Joesph and my shots or my I600a. I have so many things on my mind I can't calm
myself it seems at times. I keep thinking OK this is all happening and everything
is going to be OK. It's just that adoption is such a leap of faith. You have so many
unknowns. You have so many questions about your new child and no-one can answer those
questions for you. You have to find them out on your own as you get to know your new
child. This week I have had shots typhoid fever pills malaria pills and running around trying to get my visa sent off and knowing that the end result will be this child called Joesph who will live with us, eat with us, share a life with us..It will all be worth it. I don't expect him to be this perfect child or even like me at the beginning very much but I do hope he grows to trust me and love me as his mama.I hope more than anything that Joesph has a sense of humor. I hope he can laugh easily and often. I hope he is well soon. I hope his surgery will be a success and he can live a great life with no sickness. But it wont be a perfect life. He will still have hard-ships to over come as we all do. But he will not be alone.

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