Thursday, September 6, 2007

Working for a living..

Teaching our boys to love to work has been one of the neatest things I think I've ever done.
You start with this little guy who can barely stand and you teach him to empty the trash cans.
You go with him from room to room and let him carry the garbage cans and say "Oh what strong muscles you have." He just beams.....As they get alittle older I give them another job. Maybe watering my plants and doing the garbage.. They love feeling strong and needed around the house. I get the kids in on potty training also. Getting coop to read books to Cullen while he is on the potty. It helps the bond between them They help each other and I insist they have a good attitude. After all they will have to work to provide for their family so having a good attitude about it will help them in the long run.
It takes time to train our children but it is so worth it... I love seeing my kids feeling confident.
Our boys need us to train them up to be Great Men....Teach them to pray and when daddy is gone say"Tuck your the oldest boy will you pray for us." Give them them a great respect for their dad..."your dad works so hard for us." One day when you have a family you will need to know how to work hard for your family... Teach the older ones to help train the younger ones.. I always say "Cullen protect your sister."
I know he can't right now but It's the planting of little seeds. One day he will be able to protect her..When she falls down I will say" Coop go hold her and tell her it's ok" Teaching compassion.
I never thought you taught compassion but now I know you do...
Training Children : It's a full time job...Some days are good and some days you just have to laugh. Things get broken Things get lost. Time goes on. They do grow up....I'm seeing proof to that. Taylor is 14 and Tucker is 12... Take everyday to teach them the importance of family.....

many blessings,


International Mommy said...

Thankyou so much for your prayers...and a big hug from the Alonso family!!


Anonymous said...

Great the little chubby backend washing dishes! An older lady told me to keep going every day, the parenting is "line upon line..." every day.

Love, Denise


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