Thursday, September 20, 2007

Saying Goodbye...

Some friends of ours lost their baby yesterday. She was seven months pregnant and
had not felt the baby move..She went to the hospital and the baby had died.
She had a c-section yesterday morning.They never find out what they are having so as
to have a surprise. Well their surprise yesterday was a baby boy whom they named Zion.
Good bye baby Zion.
We never got to meet you but
somehow we will never forget you.
Your tiny body we wont get to hold and
fuss over in church. A empty place on the
pew your supposed to be at will not be filled.
Watching your mommy nurse you and cuddle you and
smile her sweet smile of love and acceptance of you
will be replaced with your parents missing you so much.
Your mom was so beautiful through out your time here on earth
and she was so happy to be carrying you. She glowed with anticipation
of your arrival. Baby Zion good-bye for now but know that one day your daddy
and mommy will see you again and you will get to meet your wonderful brothers and
sisters. Baby Zion born into God's Kingdom...................September 19th,2007

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Amber G. said...

Oh, my heart aches for them. I lost a baby at three and a half months and it was one of the hardest things I've gone through... I can't imagine being so much farther along and having felt the movement...

God gave me a picture when I was grieving for my baby... of my little baby in the palm of God's big hand... wrapped completely in His love. I actually was able to draw it (I KNOW God gave it to me) I wish there was some way I could pass it on to them through the computer... but I will be praying for God's loving arms to hold them and comfort their hearts.


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