Saturday, September 22, 2007

shots visa's and pass-ports....

We found out that Joesph's been in the hospital for two weeks.
She said that Patty was working on getting his pass-port now and for
me to be ready to travel.
We still don't know when but she wanted me to be
ready when they found out.So on Monday I have to go
get shots and do the visa things and she said go ahead
and have yours and Jo's bags packed so when I call you
you will just be able to book a ticket and travel.
I have to be honest here. I'm nervous about going to Africa.

I'm nervous about being Joesph's mom. I have huge shoes to
try and fill and I don't think he's going to buy that I'm his mom
right away. He seems determined to make sure she is still around.
Around she is too, taking care of him while he is in the hospital.
She has such devotion for Joesph. It's amazing to me what she must
be going through.She has left him two times and he has gotten sick both
times and she has come back to nurse him back to health both times. She
is determined as well to make sure he gets to the United States for surgery..
I pray I get to meet this incredible woman whose son I will be raising..
Her devotion will be passed down to him and I hope through the years that he
will know how much she did for him and at what cost she gave.She gave it all..

Pray for me because I'm a BIG baby about shots and I have to get three......UGH..

Write more as I find out.



Amber G. said...

Joseph's been on my heart so much the last few days. We are praying often for him.
I am excited that you could be traveling so soon that you need to get your shots and visa stuff in order! But I can understand your nervousness... I start to get nervous a little when I think about traveling to Liberia by myself.
I also understand your concerns about taking the place of his birthmom in his life... It is such a difficult thing to think about how much she is sacrificing to save his life... but he will understand it someday. And, he will love you. It may be a difficult transition... but he will love you.
I'm thinking about you as you are processing these sorts of things and are worried about him in the hospital.
Let me know if you need ANYTHING!

Olivia said...

You'll do fine. You're a great mom.


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