Saturday, July 31, 2010

Weekends are for starting fires

He called and told me he had a surprise and I couldn't say no.
He wouldn't tell me any details except that I needed an over night bag.
I was intrigued.
My sweet husband has always been great at surprises and get-aways
so I packed.
The evening started at a corner restaurant with candles and outstanding service.
The food was to die for but the company was simply perfect.
 He poured it on girls!

Shrimp and grits for appetizers and steak for the main course.
It was magical. The conversation was so up lifting and
encouraging to me. We talked about how this past year has been hard
on our relationship. We've had to work extra hard to make sure we didn't let "us" go.
Having alot of kids is truly an amazing blessing but
our relationship has to be strong, fun, and dependent on God for everything.
We can't forget that it started with us.

 It's been 12 months since
our last get away and many, many diapers later we find ourselves almost at
the one year birthday of our twins and this night out was such a huge blessing
of renewal for my man and I. I'm so thankful for our older kids and younger ones
that know what to do and do it while we're away. We don't take for granted that our children
are a blessing to be around and their love for each other and us made this night possible.
Thank you guys!

Our hotel was inside the biggest mall in Birmingham. It was very very nice and he treated me
like a queen. I soaked him in. You know like before you had kids. We talked and laughed and ate so much great food.

We exchanged letters asking for forgiveness of wrong attitudes and expressing our un-dying love
for each other and thankfulness to God for bringing us together.
In my letter I wrote:
"You have been God's greatest gift to me and I'm so very very sorry
if I have treated you other wise."
I'm so very thankful to have him as my husband, protector
and provider.
In a world that sells singleness I will scream
Marriage is a good thing,
a very good thing.

Now we're back home with our beautiful children
and I'm basking in the love....


Sheila said...

How wonderful!!!
What an inspiration...I appreciate your blog so much.
I am a twin...and I prayed for twins with my 4 pregnancies....but God never gives us more than we can handle. :) I love watching how your children are growing. I am only 46, but am now in the grand baby stage of life. My "boys" are now "men" and I smile when you blog about the antics of your boys....because it was only yesterday for me. Thank you for being my very FAVORITE blog!

Laurel said...

What a wonderful treat!

In our 28 years of marriage, we have always made it a priority to go away together for at least 1 weekend per year. There were years that we had to ask 5 or 6 friends to take 1 or 2 kids each ... it was a HUGE task to arrange ... but it was ALWAYS worth it.

Our children MUST know that Papa & Mama's relationship is #1 next to their relationships with the Lord. It is so easy for mamas to get so focused on their children, that their sweet husbands are kind of pushed off in the corner.

But, we need to be in partnership with our husbands for every single step of our parenting (even if papa is gone many hours of the day in order to provide for his family). We must not take over leadership of our homes. We must show our children that their Papas are ones to be honored and respected. And, we must love, honor, and respect our husbands each and every day. They are a GIFT from the Lord.

So good to hear that your sweet husband knows how important it is to make his wife feel SPECIAL!


Just A Family said...

Dear Sheila, your words really made me think once again how fast time goes by.Thanks for the reminder..

You look amazing for 46.....


Chantelle said...

I appreciate this reminder. Think I'll plan a get-away right now...

The Ferrill's said...

A get-away! How romantic and NECESSARY! I'm so proud of yall for putting each other FIRST! And I'm so proud of your sweet kiddos for understanding how important it is for mommy and daddy to have some alone time! It is a good thing, for sure!
YAY for yall!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful!! And so very important! In our family my i think it overwhelms my husband to plan a gettaway. So i take that bull by the horns and plan our gettaway. It is always so very good for us both :-). I am thankful your husband did that for you!!!! tammy

Anonymous said...

Well come to think of it, I am going out of town this weekend with my husband, and we have a 4 legged baby that needs a sitter do you have a extra arm? It's Papa Jerrys 85th birthday. Such a blessing to have him around.
Love you all Mom

bbmommy2 said...

What a lovely surprise! I plan on starting a fire this weekend. ;)


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