Thursday, March 11, 2010

Raising men to ride the river with.

I can hear them making the sounds of war and guns and I have to admit I love those sounds. The vibrating lips shooting the bad guys that only little boys can imitate. The setting up of a strategic hiding place so you don't get shot.
The little cowboy men spread out over my kitchen table and my little brown eyed men playing pretend.
Playing the good cowboy and sometimes playing the bad cowboy in which mama cowgirl comes riding in saying "you don't want to be the bad guy."
"You want to be the kinda cowboy that is protecting, defending,honoring... Facing evil and calling it evil and then defending righteousness..."
I love having my cowboys around.
I love when:
1.They all stand at their places at the table until me and their sisters sit down.
2.They pull my chair out for me to sit
3.While fighting an out of control brush fire my 8 year old screamed over the flames
"mom you go rest, we've got this."
4.They always bring me a blanket just in case I get cold
5.Always open my car doors
6.Excuse themselves from the lunch table and when asked why
their response "because daddy says it's rude to burp in front of a lady."
I love love love having a houseful of modern day cowboys..
I feel like a queen around all these guys and I feel like the luckiest most blessed
mother of the roughest, toughest,thoughtful cowboys around.
Thanks to their papa who thinks training them to love and respect
their mama and sisters is a command rather than an option out in our
part of dodge.
So to all my cowboys,
I love you guys
Always be a man to ride the river with.


bbmommy2 said...

Sounds like you have well mannered cowboys. My cowboy, on the other hand, needs a little more smoothing around the edges. ;) We're working on it!!

missy said...

What sweet guys. Such a nice reflection on their parents. I have lately been around some very rude boys and also seen the exact opposite in some very mannerly young gentlemen. I always like to let the Mama's know how sweet those boys are and also show my older 2 boys what good manners are. I'm sure you are proud of them. Missy


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