Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I love finding him..

I love finding him.
Walking around in my day
and I find him
in boxes,
cubbie holes,
and linen closets.

He's usually writing, coloring or drawing
me a special picture.
It's usually pictures
of his thoughts.
His dog,
His brother,
His love,
He sketches his thoughts
I love to interrupt.

I could write a book
of his thoughts.
So simple is his
love. So very real
the things he puts
to paper.
He loves big (like
his daddy).
I love not knowing where
I'll find him at today but I know
wherever he is, he is
deep in thought.
He's just that way!

Nothing is common...

God is glorified everywhere

in your everyday life.


Chantelle said...

Thank you. This post was a needed reminder.

Anonymous said...

He is a Sweetheart!

dragonfrye said...

So sweet!


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