Wednesday, March 24, 2010

"Dancing around dark corners"

We're living in Hope!

This is the day that our son was born

William White

The little tiny boy

who in his own right

has changed my world

Holding him

was hard

but it was something

I had to do.

I remember as he was

being born they laid

him on my stomach and I longed

for air to fill his lungs and

hear his cries.

But it was only my cries that I

heard that day.

I held my son and wept.

I could only hold him

in small portions because

he was so perfect that

I would forget that he

was gone.

The last time

I held him I knew it would

be the last time I would

see him until..


The way home was so long.

Facing Williams brothers

and sisters was not easy.

Lots of tears. Lots of questions.

Planning a funeral

watching my beloved husband

make hard decisions for us.

I couldn't

Walking out days

that I wonder now how

I even got out of bed.


One year later I'm

Trusting in God

Having Hope




that I will

see the little boy


and until then

I will dance around

dark corners

trusting in tomorrows

I cannot see.


Trusting in the One

God who knows

Happy Birthday baby Willy

born and died on

March 25th, 2009

“Hope and despair are not opposites. They are cut from the very same cloth, made from the very same material, shaped from the very same circumstances. Most of all, every life finds itself forced to choose one from the other, one day at a time, one circumstance after another. The only difference between the two is that despair shapes an attitude of mind; hope creates a quality of soul. Despair colors the way we look at things, makes us suspicious of the future, makes us negative about the present. Hope, on the other hand, takes life on its own terms, knows that whatever happens God lives in it, and expects that, whatever its twists and turns, it will ultimately yield its good to those who live it well. When tragedy strikes, when trouble comes, when life disappoints us, we stand at the crossroads between hope and despair, torn and hurting. Despair cements us in the present; hope sends us dancing around dark corners trusting in a tomorrow we cannot see. Despair says that there is no place to go but here. Hope says that God is waiting for us someplace else. Begin again.”


Olivia said...

I woke up thinking of y'all this morning... praying for an extra measure of Grace today.



Michael said...

I love you sister...your such an incredible woman, you give such inspiration to everyone even when you are going through dark times. You see the light even in those dark times, and that is just God's love and grace flowing through you. Your such an encourager to me and I am sure to so many others! I am thinking of you today and your precious family! I love you all very much!

Kathy @ Teaching Good Things said...

Your response to William's LIFE, honors him, but above all, it honors our Lord.

May God grant special blessings on His handmaiden.

bbmommy2 said...

Thinking of you, today. May the Lord's presence bless you all this day...and all others.

with love,

susieloulou said...

So sweet, so sorry about your baby boy. The good news is, our hope isn't like the hope of this world, it's hope in something we KNOW is coming!!

WhitneyandScott said...

Praying for your hearts today . . .

rcsnickers said...

I have been thinking of you all day knowing what today is for you guys! Oh the grace of God that carries us through every trial!

Unknown said...

I have been praying constantly today for you all. As I woke this morning, I was so wishing we had gone to the grave when I was there Saturday. I am so excited that God has crossed our paths, and without William, I'm not sure that we would have met. Thank you for your love and devotion.

Many prayers today and always,

Anonymous said...

Been thinking of you and praying for you all week. Thankful for you and your whole family. Love you!

Chantelle said...

Beautiful... and such a testimony of Christ's love in you.


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