Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Thanking the Lord for a sweet Gift

Happy Birthday
Channie Mae

She is regarded around here as a princess.

That's her daddies fault.

He adores his little "flower" and

he makes sure all the rough and tough brothers

knows if they make her cry they answer

to him..

They are gentle with her in a way

that makes me smile though and makes

me wonder why all little sisters

are not regarded as the gifts they should be.

Brothers growing up

just knowing


girls are special.

Makes me wonder why all daddies

don't take the time to make

sure all little girls know

that they are a priceless gift.

Living in a large family doesn't

stop my man

from making sure

all the girls in his life know

he adores them and treasures them.

The true gift lies years from now

when my little men grow up and have

wives and daughters of their own one day.

When our little Channie Mae

grows up searching out a husband

who loves her as much as her daddy

and brothers love her

and when she finds him

the gift will be passed down.

The gift we give her on her birthday is small in

comparison to the gift she has been given from her

Heavenly Father.




An earthly father who adores her,

Four wonderful brothers,

Three loving sisters,

and a mom who for the life

of me wonders how

the Lord can be so kind.

Living out the kindness of

the Lord.



Shonni said...

She is such a cutie! And she is indeed blessed to have a daddy who treats her with such love!

~E~R~I~N~ said...

Happy Birthday Channie!
I love to talk to her on Sunday nights and to listen to her little voice tell me all about what she's done that week.
Happy Birthday Channie!

Erin P.

Chantelle said...

Such a beautiful family. :)

bbmommy2 said...

Lovely little one, Happy Birthday!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! Happy Birthday, Channie!

missy said...

Happy birthday she looks like such a sweetie! Missy


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