Monday, March 22, 2010

lessons from the farm

They fit only for alittle while

They wait,
he's coming.
Supper cooking,
Tummies hungry.
I'm able to feed them,
to comfort, to make their
world right as rain.
Their tiny feet standing
in my window sill
waiting for their father,
together. Their life knitted side by side.
One day I can see myself looking back, hair gray, my world changed by the time that doesn't stop and wondering how they all fit so perfectly in the front window of my living room and missing the little people who once stood looking out in the darkness waiting for the head-lights that would make their world perfect!
My memories may one day be faded but I remember now that they fit for only a season and I will not allow it to go unnoticed then.
I noticed and I shall remember always.
Note to self:
I will miss these days


Beautiful Mess said...


Anonymous said...

So true. . .

Kim M. said...

I've enjoyed your updates! Your kids are so precious

dragonfrye said...

So sweet!


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