Monday, March 15, 2010

Lessons From the Farm

Dear Children,

If we remember that all the trees of earth are marked for the woodman's axe, we will not be so ready to build our nest in them. We should love but we should love with the love that expects death and that reckons upon separation. Our dear relations are simply loaned to us and the hour when we must return them to the lender's hand may be sooner than we think.

Charles Spurgeon

Build a nest but remember, He gave you and continues to give you, all things.
He is the owner.
You are only borrowing from Him.
I learned this lesson most when we lost William a year ago. My heart wrenched when I realized
that William was not mine to keep.

I wish I, as your mother, could tell you that hard times would not come your way. That hard days would not knock on your door. I wish I could tell you that you would not ever cry over loss but if I'm being honest
I would tell you that the hard times, the times when you lose much, God is gently prying your grip on the things of this world.
I will never forget you brother and the lessons I learned..
learning to live without him.
My prayer for each of you is that you never forget the lessons we
learned on the farm as we gave back something that was
never ours to begin with.
Remember to
Love much but
hold loosely.

remembering William Charlie White born March 25th 2009


bbmommy2 said...

Dear Robin,
I came by today, and once again you have touched my heart with your eloquent words. I know this writing is meant for your children, but I take lesson from it. The reminder that, "He is the owner" we are only borrowing what is His. As a mother, it is so difficult to hold loosely. Especially, looking into the world and how fragile this life can be.
Another mother recently visited you here, and like you, she had to give back to God her borrowed treasure, her precious boy, Andrew.
Never having walked where you two mothers are walking...can I say, a piece of me aches for you both, for what you have had to give. At the same time, I rejoice that your William and Melanie's Andrew will be in your/her future for Eternity. Praise the Lord!
with love,

Word Warrior said...

Remembering (tearfully) with you...and praising God for friends who shine so brilliantly in the light of the Father, who have allowed Him to turn their mourning to dancing, and who ever spur me on to be better.

Haddock said...

Agree with Charles Spurgeon


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