Saturday, December 12, 2009

Lessons from the Farm... What is true beauty?

Beauty is probably the woman you love best, but we trust it is the beauty of soul and character,
which sits in calm majesty on the brow, lurks on the lip,
and will outlive what is called a fine face.
Taylor, Channie, Ellie Cate and Josie Claire,
True beauty is when everyday
over and over you give yourself without complaint
or knowledge that you're doing so.
Putting others at ease instead of constantly
making others ask what is wrong
because you're quiet and sullen.
Having a cheerfulness that stirs others to be
cheerful by just being around you.
It's caring less about yourself
and more about the people who surround you.
It's your gentle smile and loving words
that draw your real
beauty out.
Things that make you unbeautiful
Don't talk about people
Don't be foolish in your words, the things
you say reflect your father's house.
Do you build him up
or are you constantly tearing his house down.
With misplaced words your fathers
reputation is at stake.
This does not mean you're
talking bad about your father per-se
but you're talking just foolishness and so people wonder what
your father is busy doing besides teaching you good manners.

Learning to Love others
Learning to use our words properly as not to offend others
Learning to lay aside ourselves and being able
to invest in those around us without
expectation of anything,
this is true

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Titus2Mom said...

That is so sweet! You are a gifted writer Mrs. W!



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