Sunday, December 20, 2009

Why we chose open adoption....

Family, the lines that bind you to one another.

Invisible strings that attach us no matter how far we go.

We had said we would see the birthmom at least twice

a year. Alot of people didn't and still

don't understand our decision to know Lasundra and

to have her a part of our life.

When we talked through having her become family we knew

there was some fear to be worked through.

We knew that if the Lord brought these two little girls into our

life we could bring their birth-mom into our life as well.

We know that sometimes life is not always about the easy road

or the most comfortable road. It's about leaving foot-prints on the road

The Lord has put before you.

Our road was running right into Lasundra's road

and we wanted to travel well with her.

We talk on the phone and we had already saw her when we first got

the girls.
We invited her for Christmas with us and she

came this weekend with the girls full sister Mimi.

I have prayed for the Lord to use His (my) house to minister to people

and sometimes He does it in strange ways.

This weekend we spent two nights and days loving on and eating with

Lasundra and Mimi. We laughed together and she helped comfort

the girls when they were fussy. She gently held them close and whispered

words of love in their ear. When she couldn't get them to stop crying she would

pass them to me and they would nestle and go to sleep.

In the middle of the night she would hear their cries and creep to their bedside

and tell them everything was ok.

On Sunday morning I was making breakfast so I tiptoed to her room and

she looked out from the covers and I gently placed Ellie next to her.

She had the biggest smile on her face as she nestled Ellie.

She looked up at me as if to say "Thank you."

She changed diapers and wiped noses.
She was part of a big family

for one weekend and she kept saying how she loved it.

She said

"I love the way you guys have every meal together."

"I love the way everyone helps run the house."

"I'm going to take back to my house the way y'all do things."

She showed me how to take care of the girls hair and skin.

She showed me that not everyone looks at color.

She loved all of our kids and when she left I was so thankful

for the beautiful memories we shared.

Our girls will have proof of their birthmoms love for them.
(She drove three hours to get here.The longest she had ever driven by herself.)

They have pictures of hands gently holding them.

They will have an answer for their questions when

they get older


I will have a friend!

Fear will cause you to miss

out on alot of things.

But if you trust not in yourself but

in the Lord things will turn out just the

way He planned.


Titus2Mom said...

That made me want to cry! That was so sweet!


Beautiful Mess said...

This made me cry! This is beautiful and thank you for opening my eyes to another "option".

Thank you for your family!

Love, Jen

rv said...

choking back tears...fighting the lump in my throat...losing the fight...tears falling...thank you for the way your family pours out the love that Christ has filled you with...

love, rixja

Anonymous said...

Oh Robin...made me cry and praise God!!! Someone once said to me...God gave your Gracyn two to give birth to her and who loved her enough to let you raise and love her as your own..she is a blessed little girl, and so are your adopted children. God has joined your families together for a reason and I know your thankful and I can't wait to see what the future holds for all these beautiful children that God has blessed our lives with!!! Adoption is an awesome gift!!! Merry Christmas White family...the Gilliland's love each and every one of you very much!!!
Much Love,

Kathy, Jeff's Wife said...

Beautiful! May you reap what you are sowing.

Anonymous said...

Thank you all for your sweet words!
It was a weekend to remember.
We look forward to many years getting to know her.


Kim M. said...

Wow! I am crying too. That is just precious. Ya'll are so unselfish. What a precious way to share your life and bless others.

Bria Cosper said...

I am not kidding when I say I am in tears!!! That was so sweet. When other people get a glance in our homes, it makes us stop and realize even more how we don't thank the Lord for the life we have in this joyful home with many hands.

Family Stone said...

*sniff sniff* PRAISE the LORD!!!

Elizabeth Rose said...

That is so beautiful, I am sitting here crying. We have 3 adopted children and each of them is an open adoption. We see their birthparents all the time...they are apart of our family. I can't imagine life without them. Adoption is such a beautiful gift, it is such a sweet picture of the Gospel. Thanks for sharing your stories with us.


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