Sunday, December 27, 2009

Happening on the Farms

The art of baking bread is so good for my senses.

Watching my daughter as she fusses over her loaves.

The sun streaming in as she gently lays her bread out to rise.
I feel I have been taken back hundreds of years.

The smell, the sights, the sounds of laughter.

I bet my grandmothers kitchen smelled this way.

Her hands kneading her bread and putting it out to share.

The flour spread on my table like snow on a landscape.

I could gently blow it off but I'll leave it there until supper time.

The sun is going down and the shadows are stretching out

their arms over our farm.

Lantern ready to be lit on the mantel.

Sometimes I just get tired of fake light.

I like watching the flicker of the flame bounce

off my walls. I like seeing my kids eyes through

the candle light.

I like blowing it out at the end of the
night and drifting to sleep in the darkness..
Good Bread and candlelight
life just couldn't get much
better than this!


bbmommy2 said...

I love the smell of yeast activating and rising bread. Definately a smell that brings you home!
I long for a more "old fashioned" way of living....except for the indoor plumbing. That, I like modern. ;o)
Nothing better than homemade bread and fresh fruit/vegetables grown in a backyard garden.

lovely post,

Bria Cosper said...

Beautiful post Mrs. Robin! I love the photos.Excellent lighting I love your perspective of life; it is so encouraging. See y'all tonight!

Titus2Mom said...


Kim M. said...

I love old fashioned too. Thanks for sharing. I most certainly agree with you!


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