Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Up against a wall

Eyes focused on the same spot.
Feeling the need to move forward, but the Lord
has you standing in the same place, day after day.
The mortar uneven, the clay cold, the view viewless or so you think.
Having the urge to look around and see what everyone
else is looking at. Knowing it will sew discontent, knowing it will pull you
away from your spot.
Their view must be better than mine.
The Lord must have them standing in beautiful fields with flowers
putting out their smell and the sun shining down, their faces
brown from it.
"If we complained less and were more thankful, we would be happier, and God would be more
glorified. Every day thank God for ordinary mercies. Let us thank Him that we are not among the hopeless or confined among the guilty; let us thank Him for liberty, for friends, for family and comforts.
Let us praise Him, in fact for everything that we receive from His generous hand.
If you roam the universe, you will not find another friend like Jesus; if you could have all the comforts of life but lost your Savior, you would be wretched' but if you win Christ, then you could rot in a dungeon and even there find peace. If you live in obscurity or die hungry, you will still be satisfied with favor and will be full of the goodness of the Lord." C.S Spurgeon
Let your feet stand firm on the ground God gave you. Be thankful for the view.
Is it raining? Be thankful for the rain. Is it a beautiful view? Be thankful. Is it lonely where you're
standing? Know your Father is standing next to you. Your view will change but first you have to stand until the Lord changes your season, until He changes your view.
Let no one challenge you to leave your post!
We are on a high-calling and it is essential we stand.
Without murmuring and complaining
Just stand!

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