Monday, December 28, 2009

Little Ellie-Cate

My words fail me as I try and help you imagine
this sweet girl!
She is so easy going.
People often ask me if she ever cries
and honestly I have to say no.
She is such a precious gift and so
easy to love.
She is learning to roll over
and to smile at us.
She will follow me with her
eyes all around her room.
I can tell she loves me!
God gave her the most beautiful
color of a coffee latte.
I used to say I didn't notice color but now I say
I love the different colors in my home.
God made them all and I love the differences.
My little girl slept for 7.5 hours last night and so her
mom wants to say Thank you~


Anonymous said...

Ellie-Cate is so beautiful. Thank you for sharing. I love reading your blog. You are such an inspiration. Love and prayers to you all.

Leslie Bartlett

Rachel Goode said...

Precious little girl!

Jenn said...

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! Please say hello any time! :) I have randomly been trying to read yours and learn more of your precious family story. I stumbled upon it follow the "adoption blog trail". Your family is beautiful!

We live in Oregon and are desperately hoping to one day adopt.


Kim M. said...

Look at those huge eyes! How adorable!

Anonymous said...

I love those eyes!!!! Beautiful!

Much Love,


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