Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Being Scott's wife

Scott and I will be spending the next three days together ALONE.
I'm almost breathless saying that..Alone.... hmmmmm it's been a while folks.

Our conversations are usually broken words interrupted by three year olds.
As I get older I find that I forget what I was talking about just mins. before
I was interrupted. We will put out what ever fire there was and look at each other and
say "what were we talking about?" Alot of times we just have to call it and say if you remember let me know.

Our bedroom is full of kids all the time. We are a cuddly bunch of people if you have ever
been around us you know we are affectionate..We love being together and we're together all the time. Our bed is full with little people, teenagers, their stuff and Scott and I are in there some where....At night we have occupants on a pallet in our floor? Don't ask me why..When our kids get around 4 they ask "can I sleep in your floor." and we always say YES! We are older parents remember and we know all to well that our floor will be empty one day so we live for today..We say Yes alot because we realize how time flies.......we understand that 4 year olds don't stay 4, they grow up and wouldn't sleep in your floor if you paid them...so we enjoy the warm little body at the foot of our bed. We enjoy the little boy who crawls up for morning snuggle time. Yep we are the sappy parents who try not to take one moment for granted... :)

Our telephone time is some of the most intimate times we have...We make a point to talk on the phone when he is commuting to and from work...This is time I usually make my bed or do some other chore while spend time with Scott on the phone..hey! you take it where you can get it..

Our car time is no help because..our back seat is loud and restless...complaints, singing, fighting,and just plain noise, this keeps us from having much time..

We have secret hand shakes, secret eye looks,
and secret code words for our conversations and
this is as close as it comes to being a romantic couple in our home... on some days.

So Alone with my man...I feel almost like I'm blushing by the very thought.

Will he like who I've become while raising his children?
Will he see any of who I used to be before six kids?
Will he enjoy my conversation?
Will he enjoy just my company?
Just me!!

I feel like I've changed so much over these years, some good and some not so good.
I know alot of times I've neglected him as my husband in order to be a better mother.
Although he never says a word about this I feel like I could definitely shape up in this area of wife..

Yet when we're alone and I'm just his wife, can I pull it off? Can I be carefree and interesting?
Can I still make him laugh.

Marriage is one of the most beautiful roads I have ever traveled and
Scott is the perfect travel companion... for me....Somewhere along the journey
you realize you give up alot to have a big family..but the rewards are too great
not to do it.....
When we're empty nesters ( we'll be 80) I'm sure we'll have plenty of time to do all the selfish things we missed out on.....:)

So here's to beautiful memories, time alone and being Scott's wife..


Kathy @ Teaching Good Things said...


What's not to love, you're like a fine wine.

Anonymous said...

I love this post-it is SO true about marriage and having a big family!

I hope you have a relaxing and WONDERFUL time!

In Christ, Laura

Shelly said...

I absolutely love this post!! You put into words, so beautifully, so many thoughts and feelings that I have experienced. Thank you for sharing your life with us-- it is an encouragement and a blessing.
Have a wonderful time with your husband.

rixja said...

Robin, Thanks for sharing your thoughts and your life. God has blessed you with many gifts and one of them is the way that you share and express what is on your heart. You bring me through such a range of emotions even on the simpler posts. I can SO relate to so much of your life but I could never express it as beautifully as you do. Thank you, Robin
love, rixja

The Pauls' Family said...

It's so important to keep on nurturing our relationship with our husband so that when our children do all leave home, we will not be strangers. I hope you can have a great, relaxing time together :)


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