Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Jo's words

His words are few and I often wonder how hard it is for him to be transformed to this new world of his. He looks at me as though he has known me forever.
He walks this journey so well and yet somewhere inside I know his words are formed and stored up to be heard one day.
He has words but the few-ness of them leave you wondering..
Wondering why I can't be more like him.
Saying nothing with my lips but saying everything through my eyes, my heart, my hands..
Words are over-rated . The busy-ness of them. The loudness of them. The amount of them.

But when Jo speaks we all stop and listen and are in awe of how perfectly they are formed on his silent lips. We listen, We perk up, We know that what he has to say is important...

Yes how I wished I could be more like my quiet son.

My words few but powerful when spoken.


Titus2Mom said...

We think Joseph is a sweet little boy and we love seeing the gift God gave your family!

Amber G. said...

I love this post. I need to be more like Joseph, too. Henry is just the opposite, we can't get him to be quiet! But the questions are hard. I don't know what to say sometimes... I just grieve with him and for him as he is starting to process things out loud. Our boys have some hard stuff to work through -- but what a blessing that we can walk with them through it.
Love you, friend. I always feel like it's such a breath of fresh air to come and read your blog. I miss my quiet country life so much it hurts. I feel like such a fish out of water... but even in it, God is teaching me to bloom wherever I am planted and to see the good and the ways I can grow beyond my comfort zone.


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