Thursday, June 11, 2009

Take A Hike

I took the kids to a local park that has some great hiking trails.

We packed our lunch and water and took off.

It took us over two hours to do this particular trail and by the end of it we had collected feathers, rocks and flowers. We saw three different tracks of wild animals and felt like we were away from it all.

As a mom I want to feel like I'm teaching my kids to love nature and to be able to finish something. When I put them at the beginning of a trail and say "we're going till the end"
they know we will finish together. It promotes team work. Tucker had to carry our pack,
Cooper had to help his sister climb over trees etc..
Could we experience nature at home? Yes, we can (and do) but there on the trail the kids had my undivided attention.
No distractions, just us and nature.
Next week we planned a hike that ends up in a cool spring so the reward will be refreshing.
Take a hike see if your kids don't love it.

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Carmen said...

You do not know me and I have never written before. But, I needed to tell you what an encouragment you have been to me.
You see, I lost my precious Hannah 2 days after you lost Willie. Her funeral was the day after his. She was 3 weeks old when she stopped breathing.
I've never had this much pain before. I don't know how to handle it sometimes. My life has been very easy up until now. I was always a happy and joyful person. Now I'm not.
My sister showed me your friend's blog with your funeral video on it a couple of weeks ago, and I have been reading your blog ever since.
You have been such an encouragment to me. It helps knowing that I am not alone in my suffering, and neither are you. Thank you for sharing your life with me. You are truly a blessing to me.

Sincerely, Carmen


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