Sunday, November 29, 2015

Our adoption story part 1

We are so happy to announce the newest addition to our home and farm
Isabella Marie White
born November 17, 2015

We received a call on Oct 8th that a birth-mom and birth-dad had chosen us to adopt their beautiful baby girl due in mid November. 
This already loved and cherished little one was being called 
Isabella and we chose to keep her name.

I was given the name and number of our birth-mom and  was asked  if I wanted to chat with her?  Of course I do! 

I know open adoptions scare most people but I pray after you read our story it will help you to understand better what open adoption is and what it looks like for us.

I was so nervous,  I can't explain to you the feeling of picking up the phone and calling someone that had just made you the happiest person in the world but knowing she was making the hardest decision of her life. I sat in the pasture for a long time before I was able to dial her number. So many emotions and so little time to process them all. 
but I called and 
 She answered and our relationship began.

God never ceases to amaze me with the small details of perfection that He is so concerned with in my life.

She is amazing and strong, and I feel weak-kneed and weepy.

We make small talk and then talk about why she chose our family and she said "well they gave us a stack of books to look through and they all looked great but when we got to y'alls book we just knew. We knew that we didn't want her to grow up the only child and you guys had adopted before."

She chose us for the very reasons that everyone told us that it would be hard for us to adopt again.
I love when He does that.
Small details that He works out.

We would spend the next 6 weeks texting and sending pictures everyday.  

She would send me baby bump pictures of Isabella
and Dr. updates every week. Talk about amazing this girl is..
I am honored to be any part of her story. 
She showed me hospitality like no-one had every shown me before,
She welcomed me into her world and made me comfortable there.

We decided to meet a week before Isabella's due date and even though I was so very nervous, The girls and I made our way to our favorite restaurant. My emotions were again all over the place thinking what if she doesn't like us when she meets us? 

Of course when we finally met in person it was  a moment of knowing we're a perfect fit. She is loving and beautiful and is holding hands with Channie before we leave the restaurant. We laugh and talk and eat way too much.
 Our time ends to soon. The girls all smiles on the way home saying how much they love her and I couldn't agree more.

I was finally able to sleep for one of the first times since finding out about Isabella. 
My heart and soul relaxing and letting it sink in that we would soon be adding a little girl to our home. 
 end of part 1


maureen said...

What a lovely story. Congratulations on you sweet baby girl! I have 6 adopted children and we have open adoptions with some of the families. It is really awesome as we think of their birth mothers and birth siblings as extended family to us all! There are never too many people to love your child!

Just A Family said...

maureen I so agree<3

Morgan said...

Congratulations!!! How precious and amazing! God is so good!!!

Brandi said...

Dear Robin,
it has been along time since I visited your blog. I have missed your beautiful writing. I am so filled with joy for your precious family and the beautiful new member Isabella. I too have a beautiful Isabella "Rose" and she is two. our God is So Good!!

Mrs. U said...

I am soooooooo happy for y'all!!!! What a blessing!!!

Can I ask the agency y'all used? And your ages? We've been told my husband has aged out (I'm 45and he's 50). :(

Allie P. said...

Thank you for sharing your story with us, I look forward to hearing more. Congratulations! What a precious and beautiful gift from God.

Emily said...

Brings joy tears to my eyes. For your whole family! This precious little girl is going to have such a wonderful growing up. What wonderful blessings all around...for your family, for Isabella, and for her birthmom. I love it when God crafts something like this! Congratulations!!!

Renata said...

Congratulations on your beautiful little girl!
I loved reading this! How I wish our adoption laws here in Australia weren't so very difficult. We now can adopt, after two years of foster care, although there are many, many 'if's' involved there. Babies, we've found, are very few & far between.
Enjoy your precious little girl!

Just A Family said...

Renata AtSunnyside
I will be praying sweet friend!
hope y'all are enjoying your summer;)

Blessings to you as well,

Karen Sue said...

what a wonderful Christmas gift to your family. Much Happiness to you all

Anonymous said...

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