Thursday, September 25, 2014

The birth of Marlee Lynne

"Mama, they're every 10 minutes but I'm afraid to go to the doctor because I was just there and they will send me home."
"Taylor, you have to call and just tell them."
 "Okay I'll call."
"They want me to come in and just be checked but I know they're gonna send me home."

So we pile up in cars, John's sweet mama is also there.
On the way to the hospital her contractions increase to every 7 mins right on the dot.  John and I look at each other through the rear view mirror... We both know this is it but she was still unconvinced.

  "Y'all don't be disappointed when they send me home."

 We continue to wind our way to the hospital and about 20 mins out the contractions are now 5 mins apart.  She is grabbing his hand and he has fingernail marks. We get to the office and they start asking her questions and they say, "well he's goingto check you before he goes and delivers another baby".
 Dr Mac says, "well Taylor these things happen to a first time mama. It feels so real and yet sometimes you just have to do this pre-labor stuff for a while."
She starts crying.  Dr Mac smiles and says "but this is not what's happening to you. You are in labor and you just pulled your ticket to go upstairs and see your baby."
Cheers from the room as Terry, John and I were wondering how we would have put her back in that car.
She asks "can they still send me home..?"
We all scream nooooo! Taylor you're gonna have this girl today!

We barely to get her up to the room and she says "I feel lots of pressure". The nurse said well put your gown on and I'll check you.
She had been 2cm for a few weeks and she had been two cm
just 20 mins before with the doctor, so when the nurse said you're 5cm we were all in shock.
Contractions were coming every 2 mins and they had not given her anything for pain. 
She was fighting through them in between texting her dad and talking to all of us.

Talking and dreaming about little Marlee

 Oh yeah I had to make sure the first thing my granddaughter saw was the red and white.
Roll Tide, Marlee Bird! 
(John and his entire family tree back to Noah are Auburn folks)

They checked her 30 mins later and she was 7cm. 
I had never seen such a fast labor. She was so brave and so in control. John was amazing and he never left her side one time.
Terry (John's mom) and I  would take turns looking at her contractions on the monitor and raise our eye brows and try and warn her one was coming or one was leaving.
At almost 8cm she got her epidural and was preparing to push.
So many things going on in the room. Nurses getting Marlee's bed ready, bright lights and doctor being called. It was time to push.
She was working so hard. But Marlee was face up in the birth canal and Taylor had to push, and it was a long and hard process but after 2.5 hours with Dr. Mac assisting, she delivered their beautiful 7lb daughter. Our grandbaby, the little girl that has changed our family. 

 The bridge to the next generation being built


Scott loves his little girl and even a crazy work schedule couldn't keep him away. He was there and he was very present. He hated to see her hurt. I'm so thankful that this man is my husband. The Lord gave me and my children such a gift in him and Marlee has the best Papa.         

She was battered and banged up pretty bad. She was weak and tired but she looked on at her daughter with the eyes of true love.
She is the sweetest thing (taylor)... She didn't complain much even though I knew the pain meds would wear off.. She didn't realize that at this point so I lived in that happy bubble with her.
 She just kept saying this was all worth it. The 17 weeks of throwing up and laying in bed. The letting go of vanity for the sake of this baby. The letting go of dreams that newly married couples have and resting in the fact that the Lord has a bigger vision.  

 Doc Mac.
Words can't describe this man. He delivers our grandbaby and then goes to my daughter and kisses her and tells her how proud he is of her. Tears slide down her face and he lingers there..
I know he does this every day but he delivered one of my babies and it's kind of a family thing.

 I follow her around the room. I watch as they measure her and bathe her. She doesn't know me yet but I'm sure she will understand soon enough that she has a crowd of people that will love her and protect her and be there for her till.....just until forever.
She doesn't have to perfect. She doesn't have fit in because she is already in.   

John's mom is amazing. She and Bob (John's dad) live in Fl and can I just say she has been so good to my daughter. She has come along side and treated her like her own. Marlee is so loved!

I was there when she got her first shampoo. She loved it!!

John Lewis Porter, You are the man I thought you always to be.
 Your love and devotion to your wife and daughter is not natural.
It's super natural, as if God gave you an extra measure of love and kindness. You have been down a long road these past 9 months and I know right now you're saying "psssht, I didn't do anything, Taylor did it all" and Taylor couldn't have done anything without your constant presence of peace and strength.
I want 3 more of you for the other girls:)
I love you and I am grateful to the Lord for you.  

Marlee, I pray that you know the Lord early and that you see the
Lord in your family. We're not perfect little girl but remember God put you with all of us and we will treat you as the gift you are.
A precious gift.

May God continue to bless
The Porter Family.
I will love you forever,


maureen said...

Congratulations!! She is beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing your tremendous joy! "God Bless the Porter Family!" AMEN!

Sheila said...

I am so glad to hear your story! Congratulations to all of you! I had twin grandsons 12 days ago.....they surprised us early....13 weeks early to be exact. So these pictures of your Marlee are precious....I am trusting our 2 pound boys to catch up to her in these next few months. :)

Aflyonmyhomeschoolwall said...

How beautiful! Congratulations!!!!

Vanderpolclan said...

Congratulations on the birth of your daughter/granddaughter. Blessings abound. I really enjoy your blog and have been reading for quite a while, just never posted a comment. I really appreciate your writing style, but mostly your love of the Lord and family. You are an encouragement to me, a mom of 9.


Terry said...


Morgan said...

Praise God! Congratulations!!! So happy for y'all!

Rachel said...

Awwww, so so sweet! CONGRATULATIONS to all of you! She IS perfect. What a wonderful blessing to your family.

Anonymous said...

Oh my word Robin, so beautiful!!! Congratulations to you all!!! I know i am late gettin here and seein this, but just know it is so precious and encouraging and i am so thankful for you!!! Meeting you at the conference those 2yrs ago was one of the sweetest moments of my life. Lord Bless you all!!

Marlee said...

Totally random and you don't know me...but congratulations.

From another Marlee Lynne :)


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