Wednesday, September 21, 2011

His Gifts

We light their candles on their birthday cake and their eyes twinkle in the
dancing candle light. We sing a jolly rendition of "Happy Birthday"
and they clap and sing with us.These little girls who became a part
of our lives when they were only 3 weeks old. Do we ever stop and wonder
why God chose us to be a part of our children's life? What part do we play
in this story, His story? Do I know what I'm supposed to be doing on this
stage of His concerning His daughters? 
His, as in not mine.
He chose their life, He gave them breath and then
He chose our family to help raise them up. I sit and wonder at it all.
I'm honored to be the mother of these two little girls as I am the other six.
We have lots of celebrations of birthdays around here.
With ten people in the house there is almost one a month.
The making of cake, the blowing out of candles, the wish..
yes. there is always the wish.  

The smoke drifts from their candles and I drift to the day we got "the call."
"We have twins girls who are going to be released from the hospital in a few
days. Could y'all take twins?"
My heart guarded as I knew so many things could go wrong with
this situation. We said yes.. we could take twins.

Still not letting myself even think beyond praying for these two I go about my week as usual.
But the call comes.
"Congratulations, you have twins!" says the voice on the other end,
not even giving me time to breathe.
My heart still not trusting, still not believing.
I end up not believing until I hold their little frames to mine.
only 4lbs and I hold them as if they might just break into a million pieces.
I hold them like I never got to hold baby William. Feeling their warm bodies
and smelling their sweet baby skin. Trying to focus as the tears fall.
I cannot contain myself. His gift so wondrous, so great. His gift
to me so over the top.
 I take them in and let God do his work on my heart. Healing a part of it
that has been broken. 

Two years later and I'm still thanking Him.
I will always thank Him, never forgetting that He chose us. Never forgetting the gift that
our children are from a Father who loves and bestows great and wonderful
gifts to us.

Happy Birthday Ellie Cate and Josie Claire


Mrs. Stam said...

Double the love!!!! Happy birthday :-)

Sheila said...

Happy Birthday!!! I so enjoy seeing and reading about your twins....because I share the blessing of being a twin myself! :)

Kim M. said...

They are just precious. Makes me want to adopt so badly.

Joy said...

Happy Birthday to the two cutest little twins!! Very sweet post! Precious smiles.

Joy :)

Jamie said...

What a gift to be given TWINS! Your blog always makes me cry. So precious! Happy Birthday! Thay are beautiful!

Renata said...

Happy Birthday to your precious girls ~ such wonderful blessings from the Lord!


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