Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Ok I know they cut his curls.......

We got new pictures of baby Jo tonight. What a surprise.
The neat thing about this picture is all of the kids found him
one small toy to send over a few weeks ago and guess what those
are the toys he is playing with..Cullen said "my turtle" they were
just thrilled and so was mama and papa..This makes it soo hard not to
want to get on the first plane over and go bring him home....

Please continue to pray for our paper work and for Joesph as he fights
from being sick..Look at those floors spotless........



Anonymous said...


What a wonderful picture! He is so adorable!


Welcome to Jen said...

Awwww Rob he is SO SO cute! Don't you love opening your mail to discover new pictures....*sigh* Lets get them home girl!

Love ya,


Brandi said...

You are SO in trouble for not calling me immediately!! What a precious picture!!!! He is gorgeous. I can't wait for you to have him in your arms!!!!

Love you guys,

Kathy, Jeff's Wife said...

How handsome!

missy said...

oooohhhh!!!!! couldn't you just kiss his face off? Missy

Anonymous said...

He is adorable!!! I can't believe he was playing with the toys that Tuck and all the kids sent...how awesome is that!!! It is still so hard to believe that he will be here soon...we all can't wait!!!!
Love you so much,
Michael :)


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