Friday, May 1, 2009

The temperature is right, lets bake

Because we're trying to save money we have taken the advice of others who have saved on their power bill and have not used our oven all week. We have used our crock-pot every night and browned our dinner rolls on the grill. It has been a blast and I can feel the savings... :)
It's amazing how often I turned my oven on and it heated up my whole house which made my air-condition run money money.....down the drain..So we had our first bake- everything- we- will- need- next- week- day....
36 muffins, 6 loaves of bread,
24 dinner rolls, and 2 pans of brownies.

The reason we had it today was because the temperature was in the very low 70's outside and it was pouring. The house didn't even get hot......

We had a few helpers along the way and as you can see they got a good reward for their participation..

So yes, I believe this is something we can handle every week..
The only draw back is you have to plan ahead and have everything ready..

Thanks to the Lee family and Boyd family for setting a great example on how to be good stewards of what God has given us.

And thank you Channie-Mae and Jo for helping us.......

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