Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Finding hidden treasures

My boys are always writing "I love mom". They write it on sticky notes at church. They write it on scraps of paper. They write it on the dirt of the windows in the car. Their love is ever before me. So many hugs in one day that it almost takes patience to get through them all. And when I believe the last one has been given at night I hear feet coming down the hall back to my door and yet another kiss and hug..
I dare to mention also the many bouquets of wild delicate flowers that have been picked with dirty little boy hands given to me as sweet gestures of love...
Tucker doesn't write I love mom on his papers anymore but just the same he writes it on my heart in different ways. Yesterday, we loaded up on the 4 wheeler and rode to Williams grave where we needed to do some cleaning up and I noticed Tuck not feeling well. I said "do you want to wait and do this when your feeling better" and he said "no mom I want to do this for you."
He just left a note on my heart that says "I love mom."
I believe the Lord knew I needed so many little men in my life..
So much love coming from my guys that I don't deserve.

As I continue to grieve the loss of a son I'm encouraged by my sons who are with me and I'm thankful for the Lord's provision of getting me through another day.

In Your Goodness, O God, You have provided for the needy.
Psalm 68:10

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Anonymous said...

I love you mom! ;-)

<3 Tay


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