Friday, May 22, 2009

Being joyful in our calling

Where has God called you to serve right now?And are you doing it joyfully?

Why is it we beg God for rain and when it rains we beg God for sun, and when the sun comes out we beg God for rain. It seems like we are like the Israelites, a complaining bunch.
We beg God for a husband and then complain and become bitter of our husband.
We beg God for children only to complain about the demands of motherhood.
We beg God to provide and then complain when it's not how we wanted him to provide.
We beg God for a good church only to complain when things aren't perfect.
We beg God for a job only to complain about our boss.
We beg God for friends and then complain when their not perfect.

Christ came to serve not be served and yet the very place that God has called us to serve we
are not joyful..
Every area of our life should be about our Father's business. It should be done joyfully, even the hard times.

We want what we want when we want it or we question our Lord.

When I became pregnant with William I begged God for protection over him..I was happy!!!
I was thrilled and I praised the Lord and told others how Great my Lord is..He did what I wanted him to...He granted me my desire.."I'm happy" I praised Him.

When the Lord of the universe allowed William to be taken home before I was ready for him to be taken I was angry. How could you Lord? I felt as though He had betrayed me. After all I had already been through so much. I deserved this child. I have earned the right to have a happy ending. So I questioned Him.
What if that was my happy ending? William being with the Lord in heaven.
Maybe its my faith that was untrusting and un believing that 'God can take care of me.'
Maybe it's my own sinful self crying out like Channie does when she doesn't get her way.

You, Lord, expect me to be joyful when my child is gone?
He says yes he wants me trust Him.
He says yes to be joyful always, rejoice in the things that I don't understand.

Be joyful... such a simple word so beautiful. Joy...
It should be easy but it's not..It's dying to myself, dying to my dreams, and dying to the desires of my own heart.

Can I be joyful when my husband makes me mad?
Can I be Joyful when motherhood is a hard road?
Can I be joyful when my friends hurt me?
Can I be joyful when my husband looses his job?
Can I be joyful when my church is not perfect?

I say Joy is a matter of the heart and when times are good we need to be remembering that times tend to turn bad very quickly and it's those times we need to remember to be joyful.
It's those times that our hearts are on display...
Those hard times are when our faith big or small screams out...

So I sit today and remind myself to be Joyful....
To praise my Lord and keep telling him 'I trust you Lord'
I say this right out loud sometimes.
When something triggers losing William I will say "OK God this is tough. I hurt right now but I trust you and I will continue to trust you." Just saying what I need to be doing. Trusting ..

So pray for me as I pray for you that we can be joyful...We can take the road he has set before us and walk it with joy..


The Pauls' Family said...

The joy of the Lord is my strength. Thank you for this post. It is a great reminder that we all need to hear over and over. Yes, let's pray for one another :)

Anonymous said...

Amen! Thank you so very much.


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