Sunday, May 17, 2009

Say bye to those flabby arms.

As part of my "get fit program" I have made a vow to myself to get my arms stronger and toner. My great grandmother Bertha had a slight problem in this area (trying to be nice here).

It was a huge problem (!!) and in the event it might be a problem that could be passed down I think I will try and stop it now.


They embrace our husbands.

They hold our children.

They are lifted up in praising our Lord.

They need to be strong yet soft...

So, I went to the local Walmart and got a pair of inexpensive arm bands put out by Gold's Gym it came with a workout Cd..

It is wonderful, the lady is very modest and all of the exercises are great for beginners or for the more advanced....You don't have to have anything but the bands.....

I'm going to do this twice a week on my easy days.

I give this 5 stars for do-ability. I don't dread doing it and it's alot of fun and I can really tell my arms are going to be toner in no time.....:)

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Kathy @ Teaching Good Things .com said...

i bought arm/leg weights yesterday which I am about to use...I just finished my 40 minutes of walking...I love the Casper Slide song! :o)

btw...Liv bought a Latin dance video yesterday with 10 minute workouts...I mean dances...we watched it as we sat in our recliners. :o) Looks tough and NOT modest! Guess we'll attempt it when the guys are not home.


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