Friday, May 15, 2009

Getting started & Things you might need for your 5k experience

Your music or sermons...

Your shoes! Come on now you have to have good shoes. If you don't you will not keep this up...You and I both know if your feet hurt you wont do it.

A watch of any kind.You are in training so you need to be able to progress...

Most importantly a good sports bra.

Ok I've heard from alot of you that you want to do this but
don't really know where to begin so I'll show you how and what

I've been doing and you can take away or add to it..

A year ago I started La Weight Loss..It was very expensive but it worked!

I lost 20lbs in six weeks..

So I've been back on my eating plan that I used with them.

Breakfast-2 eggs, 1 piece of toast (light butter and simply fruit jelly), a piece of fruit.
mid morning snack-a cliff bar with fruit
lunch-Lean Cuisine meal and a salad ( light dressing)my fave is the french bread pizza
mid afternoon snack-low fat yogurt
Supper-I eat what the family eats, but small portions.......
After supper snack-cliff bar
I believe this is a 2000 cal diet.

You get alot of food though and it's 'good for ya' stuff.

If you want to know more about this eating plan e-mail me and I'll send
you some things that help me..

It's all about the food.You have to get your fruits and veggies and snacks.
Your body needs the fuel to get through the day..
Water Water Water come on now you know you don't drink enough..
Get your water bottles out and carry them with you everywhere..
Get ready to pee a bunch!!You will be looking for a bath-room so be ready.

Take a Vitamin Our bodies need the extra punch that you get from Vitamins.
I use Supermom..and love them... You can order them at

Alrighty now how I've been training.

I got a book called The everything Running Book by Art Liberman
Here is a chart for your first six weeks of running:

If you can jog or walk briskly for 2 min. nonstop, you can start at week 7.
This Chart will help you train for your first 5K. It is 18 weeks total.

Visualize what your going to look and feel like when you are done. :-)

Week #1

Sunday-walk for 8 minutes
Tuesday-walk for 10 minutes
Wednesday- rest
Thursday-walk for 11 minutes
Friday- rest
Saturday-walk for 8 minutes

Total: 37 minutes

Week# 2
Sunday-walk for 12 min
Tuesday-walk for 14 min
Thursday-walk for 16 min
Friday- rest
Saturday- walk for 10 min

Total: 52 min.

Week# 3

Sunday- walk for 18 min

Tuesday-walk for 20 min
Thurday-walk for 22 min
Saturday-walk for 12 min

Total: 72 min


Sunday-walk for 24 minutes
Monday- rest
Tuesday-walk for 26 minutes
Thursday-walk 28 minutes
Saturday-walk 12 minutes

Total-90 minutes

Week #5
Sunday-walk for 30 minutes
Tuesday-walk for 30 minutes
Thursday- walk for 30 minutes
Saturday-walk for 30 minutes
Total: 120 minutes

Sunday-walk for 20 minutes

Tuesday-walk for 20 minutes
Thursday-walk for 26 minutes
Saturday- walk for 20 minutes

Total:86 minutes (Light Week)

Week #7

Sunday: Run for 2 min, Walk for 28 minutes
Monday: Rest
Tuesday:Run for 3 min, Walk for 27 minutes
Wednesday: Rest
Thursday: Run for 4 min, Walk for 26 minutes

Friday: Rest

Saturday: Walk for 30 min
Total: Run 9 min, Walk 81 minutes

Week# 8
Sunday-Run for 5 minutes, Walk for 25 minutes
Tuesday-Run for 6 minutes, Walk for 24 minutes
Wednesday- Rest
Thursday- Run for 8 minutes, Walk for 22 minutes
Saturday-Run for 6 minutes, Walk for 24 minutes
Total: Run-25 minutes, Walk-95 minutes

Ok all of this should get you started!!
I'm excited about feeling better and taking better care of myself..
Get started and make sure to send me e-mails on how your doing.
I would Love to see pics of you training..I'll try and post some of those.
love you guys,


Word Warrior said...

Great post, Rob! You inspire me...only my "training" is walking to the mail box and, that's my marathon. I walked to the bathroom to train ;-)

BTW, Eye of the Tiger was my fave song way back then. How could you not want to go run listening to that? I'm pulling for you!

kathy @ Teaching Good Things said...

I walked last night for about 15 minutes (lightening out), 40 this morning. Not sure if I can do it, especially once the Alabama heat and humidity sets in...but I'll try!

Had my mp3 player (listening to Doug Phillips), my best walking shoes, the dog (a bouncy retriever-think Marley!) on a leash and my phone so Jeff could KEEP CALLING ME!!!! :o)

I'm thinking I should Eye of the Tiger on my player as the first song.

Now to go eat my oatmeal...yummmmmmmmmm

missy said...

OK Robin, I'm getting psyched about this. I think we need Team Willy Tee Shirts. BTW..Toby Mac is awesome to run to. I actually have to be careful not to run too fast while listening to him or I run out of steam ha haa...

I noticed you didn't model the bra like you did the watch and shoes. Good call ;o) This is a G rated blog...unlike mine sometimes.

Love you all..and oh how I wish we could do Memorial Day again. That was a great day with your family.

Call me sometime.


Kathy @ Teaching Good Things said...

I was thinking we needed t-shirts too!!!

I was even thinking if it would be possible for walkers to get sponsors and raise some money for a charity of choice, OR maybe get 'that ministry' rolling.

What do you think?


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