Monday, May 18, 2009

A sweet fragrance that draws you

It never fails..Every time I'm having a bad moment and I retreat outside to feel sorry for myself I'm drawn to a fragrance of sweetness.The honey suckle. There has always been alot of honeysuckles on the farm but this year there is an abundance. Everywhere I work outside the honeysuckle smell lingers..When I do my morning run the smells follow me all the way up the drive. Stronger yet in my back-yard where the kids play. With the windows open the smell drifting through my home.

A sweet reminder to me that God is constantly drawing me to him.. It's hard to feel sorry for yourself when your searching out a sweet smell.

1 comment:

The Pauls' Family said...

The beauty of God's creation. He didn't have to make things so wonderful to behold, but He did. The beauty of the fragrance of His presence. Nothing compares.


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