Monday, June 11, 2012

My weakness

"I thought parenting was going to portray my strengths, never realizing that God had ordained it to reveal my weaknesses".~ Living life amongst these guys makes me tired beyond what I ever thought possible. My body bending under the weight of needs, tears, and hunger. Knowing I'm here for a reason and I shall doubt, but not for long, that His plan for my life has me in the middle of something bigger than myself. What if I can't drowned out the voices of people who don't understand what and why we do what we do? I close my ears and seek His voice out from the crowd and there it is.
His voice so sweet. Only what you do for Me will last. Only when you give up everything will you find anything. Leave it all and follow me. His sweetness keeps me moving through all my days.  

So I pack.. Leaving the world I once knew behind but I have nothing really. I prepare to walk out this day following the Lord and leaving everything else behind.  So much hurting, so many people struggling and drowning what if I can't help? What if I'm not strong enough, what if I don't have enough? What if the voices convince me to stop...Oh, Lord, there is no one like you God and in my weakness you will give me strength. The world around us is hurting. I can no longer live in my "little world" because "I know" and once "you know" you can't hide your face from it. You can't pretend that all is well. We just stand in the middle of it all and pray that God will be glorified as we love on some amazing children, as we counsel hurting mommies...hugging grandmas that wonder what went wrong.

Open your eyes to the beautiful world around you. It's lost and hurting. Open your doors and clear off a bed. Clean out a room. Then ask God to use it..You will be surprised.      


Mrs. Stam said...

This is a beautiful post. You are so right about this being a hurting world.

Thank you for your wise words this morning!

Rachel said...

Your words are beautiful. Your heart is as well.

A Baker's Dozen Barnhouse News said...


Thanks for the beautiful reminder to reach out to those who are hurting.

I think many seeds are being planted in the hearts and minds of those who enter your home, and we pray God's blessings on your family as you minister to those He brings your way.

We SO enjoyed having you in our home recently and hope you all are well.:)

Blessings and hugs!

Sherry for the family

Taralyn Rose said...

Thanks, Mrs. White. Your last few posts seemed written for me :-) We opened our home to five kids who needed us. It is a wonderful thing, but it's relentless and it doesn't get easier. Got to trust to God for strength.

God bless.

Ms. Sigurdson said...

Thank-you for these words. Foster parenting and adoption are wonderful, exhausting, blessings. I would add an encouragement that God has impressed on me. I took in a 15 yr old girl from a very troubled home six years ago. There have been tremendous ups and downs- scars from an abusive childhood don't just disappear. But God has allowed me to see the generational impact of my choices. That girl has made me a grandma twice over, and those beautiful babies will never be in foster care, and are growing up in a loving two-parent home because I trusted God and refused to give up on this girl when everyone else had. Be encouraged- some of these foster children may continue to make bad choices, at least for the foreseeable future- but God IS working, and your faithfulness now may impact more generations than you will ever see. Blessings, Inga.

Karen Sue said...

Adoption from Russia 11 years ago this week. Perfect timing!! There have been enough days that I have wondered if we did the right thing, if this kid would have had a better match somewhere else, if we are going to be able to handle the 'stuff', but then again, God led us to him. In the days of photolistings, we were looking for a little girl and we both came back with the same picture of this little boy. Hundreds of options, and we had the same boy.
Bless you as you continue to grow a large and loving family. Sometimes I feel a pull, but not strong enough yet to know just what I'm supposed to do...just waiting it out and seeing what comes along..
Thanks for this post and for all the posts that remind us of how precious life is, and how quickly they grow...ok, some days it seems a day lasts forever, but then you flip through some pictures and realize how much they have grown and changed and learned in a blink of an eye...

Anonymous said...

I cannot say enough amens.

Renata said...

Beautiful & challenging. Thank you Robin for sharing this. I know parenting has bought me to my knees more than any other thing.


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