Friday, July 8, 2011

Things they will remember..

He is a very busy man. His name is Brock Ray. He has a radio show and used to have his own
T.V show for hunting, Outdoor World with Brock Ray. He has traveled the world over and happened
to marry my very best friend in the whole wide world.. Over the years he has given each of our boys a camouflage bible, a knife, hunting clothes and lessons in shooting.

He is ridiculously busy. He is starting a guide school in Colorado and has several other businesses.
So when he asked to come get the "boys" to take them to Chattanooga, Tenn for the day I was overwhelmed with his generosity. He has hunted deer, elk, bears, buffalo, wild hogs, and numerous other wild animals but never three White boys all by himself.  He picked them up and was buckling car seats and cracking jokes and our boys were soooo excited. He put aside his work for the day and invested his time into our boys/family. A day they will not soon forget. He even sent pictures through out the day so we could see what they were up to.

He took them to the Tennessee Aquarium  

Lupis pizza and Ben and Jerry's ice-cream

 Hunter museum where they posed for pictures 

When someone stops and takes the time to share a day, a moment
in time with your kids, it's a special thing.

And it reminds me to not take the friends in my life for granted.

Thanks Anna and Brock for loving our kids,
For sharing your home and your time.

July 2011


smallseven said...

What a blessing Robin!

Cindy said...

Robin...what an awesome friend he is! It looks like the boys had a great time!!

Hugs Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham


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