Thursday, July 28, 2011

The rain is not silent

 She comes again. I see her rolling in from the distance. The dark clouds coming together,
the soft breeze waving the trees. Another day of rain. I hurry trying to get the clothes off the line.
They're flapping in the wind begging not to get wet.... Getting my attention from the window. 
I hurry.
When she finally settles over the pasture, it rains hard. The drops as big as silver
dollars hitting our farm. I call the kids out to sit on the front porch with me.
They sit and I tell them to close their eyes.
They do. The rain hitting their land. I want them to memorize
the sound. How they feel when the breeze brings in a few drops.
I want them to remember rain on this farm. How silly they act when rain comes. 

They slowly get up and as if the rain is calling them to come feel her,
they each take her in. Tasting her. and letting her get them wet.
They are wet head to toe. Their smiles huge as they indulge themselves with her. 

Their laughter so loud I can't hear her drops fall anymore.
They're running and screaming and I'm sitting there
watching them, holding a baby... always holding someone.

 I'm so thankful she came today. She's been here a lot lately and she makes me stop
doing chores. She draws me to watch her from my kitchen window as
she waters my flowers for me. She draws me out to sit and feel her coolness.
She helps me to slow down and enjoy the laughter that comes when
she shows up.


Cindy said...

Robin the memories I have as a child playing and even swimming in the back pond during a summer rain.Sweet...memories.
One time my Mema..gave us each a little shampoo and said wash your hair it will be so soft. Now my hair as always think and dry ...kinda like a horse Boy was she right so soft!!! I begged her to bottle it for me..she just laughed and said God gave me my dry curly hair..I was to cherish it.That has stuck with me forever!!!
Love your pictures...they are so are really blessed with a special talent of capturing life.

Hugs Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

Tonya said...

I live in Alabama too. Summer afternoon rainstorms are divine in every way.

My kids do the same thing:).

Renata said...

Rain in summer ~ so beautiful!


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