Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Dinner with the Lee's

 Once again they gather around our table...
 without Tom this time.
It's different, but in so many ways it's the same.
Their smiles make us smile and their stories
make us remember the night of the tornado all over again.
Their tears mingle with our tears and drop
on my table.
A reminder of the healing still taking place.

 Each one remembering that night as if it were just yesterday.
Tears still fall and the mention of the hours spent trapped still vivid
in each of their minds but the thankfulness always present.
Always first...
Always Last...

 Tiff was hurt the worst and is still walking with a cane. She
talks of that night and closes her eyes. 
She talks of being trapped underneath the rubble and
holding a blanket in her mouth so she doesn't yell out in pain.
The tears come for all of us as she recalls hearing "roll call"
and wondering who was going to answer and who wasn't this time.
She recalls the pain and then as quickly as she does
she recalls the grace of God for letting her survive. 

 The girls each wear a chain around their neck with a picture of
their beloved father. They each remember his voice above the winds
praying. They will always remember his loud prayers for each of them.
God answered Tom's prayers that night.
His children and wife were spared.
Jeff and Kathy were one of the first to get to the Lee's and they
all kept saying how "their voices" helped them because they knew
someone was there to help. 

 Sherry told the story of the day before the tornado Tom had stopped spontaneously
and bought a jack and lift because it was on sell. It was still in his truck and that night
of the tornado that one jack lifted the debris off his family.
How did he know?
Why did he decide on that day to go buy one?

 My table full once again with this precious family
and I'm reminded of God's Faithfulness as I look around
that night. 

 Thank you Lord for the life of this family.
and how very much they mean to us.

July 2011


Intentional Living Homestead said...

Oh wow, so deeply sad...thank you for sharing this post. Continuing to pray for everyone involved.

Sarah Belle said...

Time is so precious. Thank you for this. The Lee's are such an amazing testamony of God's grace. Our family had the opportunity to meet them when they visited the church we attend a few weeks ago, what a blessing. Hope you are well!! tammy

Keri said...

Although I don't know them..what a Precious Family. I have prayed for them often and will continue to do so.Thanks for sharing this.

A Baker's Dozen Barnhouse News said...

Oh, you all mean so much to US:) Thanks so much for having us in your home again. We enjoyed the wonderful food and the sweet time of fellowship. God bless you all:)


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