Monday, July 11, 2011

The fence

Living on a farm we have had our share of a variety animals
over the years. It was this particularly hot summer day that I remember
very vividly. We had two goats, anna bell and mama bell, and in order to keep them "up"
we had strung an electric fence around their new home. 
Taylor, being 3 years old at the time, didn't understand the fence or why
our new pets had to stay in one.
Her dad and I explained it time and time again and why
she should never touch the fence because it is "hot".
Throughout the day I saw her walking towards the fence getting
a little closer each time. Each time I would stop what I was doing
and run to her and explain it one more time. Her dad did the same thing
over and over that day. I saw her reach out and almost touch it
before we again would come and remind her..
She didn't really believe us, because as we were busy about our work
I heard a scream and I went to the fence.
There was my little girl crying. She had touched the fence. 
She had done what was right in her eyes.
The very thing I had pleaded with her not to touch she had touched. 
She didn't believe what I had to say because she ended up finding out the hard way that
the fence was hot.
I knew the fence was hot.
Because somewhere along my life I had touched
a fence and I knew the pain that it would bring.
Unfortunately, I had failed to train her at the time.
As I have learned 7 children later I pray that I'm being a lot
more deliberate in my training of authority and how the Lord
puts authority in your life to keep you from hot fences.

Having a generational vision means that I have
been places and done things that have not been right or good.
I want you to know that as your mama I will tell you what is good
and you can trust those things are good.
I will also tell you what things are bad and I trust that my children
can learn from my mistakes and stand on my shoulders instead
of saying, "the fence might have been hot to you, but it won't be hot to me".

Praying my children have wisdom.

I heard Paul Washer say
"Wisdom was not born with me
and it will not die with me."
It is learned.
Get in God's word.
Trust the authority He has put in your life.
Keep listening and trust even when you don't understand.

 My people are destroyed for a lack of knowledge.. 
Everyone does what is right in their own eyes. 

Teaching my children now some 14 years later I always encourage
them to get Godly counsel from their father or me or
older brothers or sisters. Teach your children to ask and ask often.

That little girl has now grown up.
Fortunately, for her, we have taught her with God's grace to listen to authority
that God has placed around her,
and now being 18 she has no problem going to her father
or me for advice she wants it and she listens. She heeds
 the advice of our elders and the men in our church and Godly women
that she respects.

 James 1v5
If any of you lacks wisdom, you should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to you..  


Keri said...

Very sweet post. I have been reading your blog for a while now and it is an encouragement to me.I am a mom to six kids..some grown..27,24,22,19 and 13.I have been praying for some time now to adopt..and that my husband who is wonderful would far not yet..I'm not pushing him but praying.Our 22 yr.old son is in a very serious relationship.They don't even call it dating.They believe they will get married in one or two years.They have asked us to help them as they put up "Guards" or fences as you might say to help them stay pure! There is nothing wrong with this!! I Believe it is very Biblical.Thanks for your encouraging writings!

Keri said...

oops..I somehow managed to leave out my 16 yr.old


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