Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Tying ♥ Heartstrings

Do I have his love? He smiles at me so much throughout the day and when
at supper his place to sit is across from mine and we sign I love you to each other.
He whispers, "Can I sleep in your floor?"
I always tell him yes.  I have a pallet made next to my side of the bed
and he snuggles in and I reach down and hold his sweet hand.
He peeled an orange today and said "Mom, look your heart"
sigh....   I pray he sees my heart. I pray he sees my love spilled out
over his home as he grows into a young man. 
Our 2nd sonlight book has come to an end. Although this one was not as good
as Charlotte's Web to me, I enjoyed the quirky stories and we loved hearing about the
uncles doughnut shop so in honor of Homer we had a doughnut party. Nothing fancy just
a small reward and simple ways to show them I love them and I enjoy being their teacher
on most days :)

Our little miracle girls are growing up so fast. I love to spend time with them.
Today we blew bubbles, played blocks, and ball
and did some other montessori things with see through containers.
The joy in their eyes as I play with them.
I can't imagine my life without these little girls.
I pray that the time I invest in their life the Lord will
double.Sometimes I feel like there's not enough hours in the day.
Taylor and Channie worked on some small needlework projects.
I could hear Tay reminding her to be patient. She gently pulled 
her into her lap and slowly started showing her how to go down
and up. Channie's little hands doing what her older sister said.
I'm so thankful for my older children. I pray their loving kindness
towards their brothers and sisters will never return void.

Living here with them is a gift. I know that I don't deserve this life but I'm thankfully here and I won't let one day be wasted.

I tie heart strings that can be traced so that when they look at me they know I love my job!


Chantelle said...

I must confess that I wish I "loved my job" every day as much as you do. :/ Been one of those days... weeks, I guess. - Still, I am grateful.

Chantelle said...
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bbmommy2 said...

Very sweet! Oh, how reading this has blessed me today. Just been one of those days, ya know? A challenge in everyway, and most days, I feel like there are not enough hours in the day. We start back to schooling Monday(we took a break in July). I have missed our 'normal' routine of having our school time. I just love your 'mother's heart' toward your children. Somedays, I can be having a grumpy kinda morning. I might have five minutes to read your post, reflect on me, and ask the Lord(and them) for forgivness of my attitude. Still learning that it's not about me.

love ya girl, Brandi

Laurel said...

LOVE the heart in the orange peel. So sweet!

Sounds like you are doing the same Sonlight curriculum that we are doing. :) LOVE it! We are about to take a month off from schooling, for a month long Road Trip to TX and LA. Then ... ready to jump back into Sonlight in Sept.


Laurel :)

The Byrd's Nest said...

Oh how I love days like this.....I just love them! How precious are the moments we spend alone with our children:)

Anonymous said...

Oh gals I learn everyday that I need and have to ask for forgiveness. I usually find that when I get up tight with my kids
that I'm doing something that I'm not supposed to be doing. I'm putting something else above my calling as wife or mother..

be encouraged my sisters and keep on keeping on.:)



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