Monday, July 19, 2010

Love is being perfected in me

Loving day in and day out sometimes I grow weary. I doubt myself as wife, mother, friend.
I am constantly before the throne but it seems not enough.
He has placed in my home the blessing of adoption and yet some days
I refuse to be adopted by Him. I know about adoption.
 The process of paper work and the process of loving someone who may not
choose to love you back right away but you keep loving anyway. 
You keep choosing love as your strength because God said to love.
His love is perfect and mine so flawed at times that I realize that I cannot
do this in my own strength.  
So many questions and not enough answers on those hard days but just believing, just trusting
in Him. Not knowing the outcome but trusting in the One who does.

Being amazed that so many people would pass up the journey of adoption
because of fear of hardship or the unknown.
Look into those eyes and tell me that God has not redeemed her little life.
Look into my eyes and tell me God is not redeeming me.
Their mother choosing
not to abort them and our family choosing to stand in that line and say we will not say no.
We don't have all the answers were just willing to say yes.  
 So many willing to turn their heads to the reality of a self righteous attitude. We don't women to abort precious unborn babies but we puff our chest out and say with pride  that we will not be willing
to do hard things in order to raise up these little blessings.

 If she is willing to give a child life then we should be willing to provide that child
with a life and love unmeasurable.

I'm so thankful for these beautifull little girls.
Yes, it cost.
Yes, it's hard some days.
Yes, we have people in our life
that don't understand us. 
But let me tell you I'm not doing enough.
my family is not doing enough.
I met a man and woman at the baby conference in their late 50's
that had 12 children. Their children were adopted from all over the
world with disabilities of every kind and this couple was smiling and joyfully
drowning in love.

Drowning in unspeakable love.

Adoption is hard
but you were made to do hard things


The Ferrill's said...

Amen and amen.
Love is a risk, and I'm so thankful others have taken a risk in loving our crazy family.
I love your crazy family by the way. Risky as you may be! ;)

Laurel said...

Oh. My. Yes. Adoption can be very, very hard. And, when you adopt teens and preteens, it can be almost overwhelmingly challenging.

On our knees before the Lord, daily, knowing that it is only through His strength that we can make it through today ... and tomorrow ... and the next day ...


Anonymous said...

Very encouraging! Thank you for spurring us on!

Our journey following Christ said...

My heart exactly! Yep, it costs and is hard some days, ok, most days. But worth it???

YES, every single second!

We choose to live for eternity, not for today.

Thankful that God has blessed us so much,


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