Monday, July 26, 2010

Things we LOVE part 1

This is our family's devotion book. We love it! It's easy enough to do at the breakfast table and supper table. This book encouraged us greatly when we lost William. When we didn't have words of our own we had this book by Charles Spurgeon.This is a great book if your family is not  currently doing family devotions  because it's so packed with words of wisdom but it's really quick.  

I love my family table. It continues to be the heart of my home. School books piled high and our water pitchers sitting around for thirsty souls.
I love this view because this is who we are really.

I love coconut oil. It's great for so many things
but a few are:
hair conditioner
diaper rash
You have got to try coconut oil if you haven't,
you'll love it as well :) 

I love my home-schooling curriculum.. it keeps me honest and organized
and the books are funny keeps up with
all of your records and I love the blue binder. If you have alot of kids
or just a couple this is a great curriculum. It took me 8 years to find a curriculum I love.
Now I'm letting you know, just in case you're looking for one.

I love our kitchen aid. My daughter has mastered the art of bread making in this little
black beauty and the way it swirls the dough around makes you kinda glad you
have one. This one is a keeper for sure. ♥

I love these two cook books. My daughters and I use these cookbooks
at least twice a day. I love the pictures and the recipes. You don't have to double the recipes
because they're already huge.
They are both chock full of colorful and step-by-step photos which I 
love because I learn that way..:) I will buy my daughters-in-law these
books because they're just that good.
The dough recipe on pg. 80 is out of this world.
It is the recipe for the "get you married rolls" that Taylor makes.

I would love to hear about things your family love.
I'll post a few more of our favorite things tomorrow.

love from the Farm


Chantelle said...

Love this post! We, too, love our homeschool curriculum and our KitchenAid mixer... as well as some other things that I might just blog about now that you suggested it. :)

(and, for the 3rd time I think... I adore your table! did you guys build it? we're considering...)

bbmommy2 said...

Love my Kitchen Aid too and the PW cookbook. I make a batch of her pizza dough every week and freeze it in single portions. Take it out about an hour before I'm ready to make pizza. Makes for an easy lunch or pizza night. My kiddos love to work the dough around the pan.
I cook pancakes in coconut oil...they taste wonderful and crispy at the edges like funnel cake. Yum! I didn't realize all those other uses..good to know. :)

Anonymous said...

We LOVE time together. We love good books, good food, good company, good movies, the ocean, the mountains, a warm fire on a cold night with a bowl of good soup :-), good cook books (got my hubby PW's for Christmas :-)!), ice cream ALL that together!!! Also i love this post about the things ya'll love. Thanks,tammy

Lori said...

We love our eat-in kitchen and our covered porch!

Laurel said...

We, too, LOVE our Family Table (the center of our homeschooling, family games, family meals ...), Coconut Oil (for our African beauties), and our Sonlight Curriculum. Oh yes!!!

I have been wanting to get the Pioneer cookbook, but now will also need to look for the Amish one.

Let's see ... what else do I love? All of my favorite kitchen gadgets are in a post from last month. I love things with history, with sentimental value ... I love the tin bowls that my grandpa made pancakes in (just told the young ones that story again tonight) ... I love my grandma's antique dresser ... I love the 100 year old books that belonged to my grandpa and other relatives. I love filling my home with things from our family's past.

Great memories!

Laurel :)


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