Wednesday, May 12, 2010

View through the tall grass

We knew we had to name her Chandler Mae after her great grand mother Annie Mae who is 99 years old.

Annie Mae lived on this land and plowed in this dirt and ran barefoot across these hills.

She came to live here because her mother couldn't afford to feed her and sent her to live

with her sister Sarah Chandler and her husband Steve. They had no children and Annie Mae

would grow into a woman on this farm. Just like Chandler Mae will grow into a woman here.

She will have the same view through the tall grass as her great grandmother did. She will feel protected here and when life closes in she will come back here and always know she is home.

The trees, the land, her footprints scattered through out this farm forever etched in her memories.

Anna Mae came to see us and although she couldn't get out of the car she asked to see Channie Mae first..Channie Mae gently laid her head on her shoulder and for a moment time stood still between these two...The young and the old, hearts colliding, souls forever joined somewhere on this farm.

Beneath the tall grass are the footprints of her great grandmother and the land that built her..

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