Monday, May 17, 2010

Come meet my church family and some friends

I'm thankful for my church..The people of our church have stood with us through the very hard times and the very best of times. They love my children and I love theirs!

New friends and old ones

Elders who love your family

Gary North

Good counsel

sweet friends

good food

good cakes

true friends

kindred spirits

good ole boys from Texas

brothers and sisters

new love

first pictures

my hubby



boys who love bugs

girls that love babies

did I mention boys?

Thanks for a great weekend!!! I'm thankful for all of our church family.... What a great weekend!


mommyofmany said...

Great photos, Robyn! Thanks for sharing!!!

Elaine Wooten/met at flip side cafe in gadsden said...

pics are great, what a wonderful looking church family.
Family, friends, food and good times.
you are so blessed.

Haddock said...

Some nice pics there.


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