Saturday, May 1, 2010

The Zoo

The drive was hot......We went to the zoo which is over an hour away. I have no air in my big

red we had to cheer ourselves with the fact that the zoo would have a water play area.

It felt like it took us three hours to get there but we arrived in style, no air and all.

The little girls cried from the moment we got out of the van until we left..Ok so maybe not the whole time but....close enough. :)

Coop loved feeding the birds and the birds loved Coop....

So, the little water park ended up being so refreshing and fun.. Jo was bringing lots of attention to the White House family.....His little black feet stood out amongst all the little white feet and boy did he bask in the attention....

My lap was full...Faces snuggled together keeping warm after playing in the water. Every black family we saw would stop us and tell us how "juicy" the girls were..that means big..

Their love crosses all nations and color...They're brothers...and one day they will be men
and I pray that they will still be holding each others hands...the world can be a hard place but
when you have someone on the left and on the right holding you up it's alot easier...together

Channie insisted on bringing her baby and stroller...I didn't mind but...her baby is kinda

ugly...:) she is the biggest baby I have ever seen.. her feet hit the ground from the stroller.

Everyone kept snickering at this baby......but Channie didn't notice at all. She was such a proud

little mama and kept right on pushing that big baby all day...

The long day left a sister carrying her brother. A brother carrying his sister and one mama who looked forward to being home...

The zoo was fun......

Thank you Aunt Julie for a great Christmas present a pass to the zoo for a year..


Anonymous said...

I love you all more and more every day. It is so humbling to read your post. Maybe next time, the girls should come to Mrs. Leslie's house, so they won't spend the day And Miss Channie, you have made my entire family giggle at you pushing your baby. She is almost as big as you. But of course, Macie had to notice how wonderful a mommy you will be if you pushed that baby around all day.

The Bartletts

Anonymous said...

Juicy is good!

Anonymous said...

Glad everyone had a good time!

Love ya,


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