Monday, May 3, 2010

I shared....

I shared

My table with two great families.

I had my table set for 18 and I do believe

I could have squeezed one or two more in:)

I shared my bed with an incredible, crazy father
who wrestled while the rain was coming down.

I shared some of my hugs and.....

I shared my food with these three friends

and they shared their laughter with me.

They look like brothers!

These little guys

are city boys and it was so much fun watching them

running in the dark

under the blanket of stars..

Their family lost alittle boy named Zion two years ago.

(the same way we lost William)

so I shared Williams grave with someone

who knows....

I shared a phone call from Africa;

birthday wishes to her son..she got

to hear Jo's words as he said "I love you."

silence on the other end of the line..

I shared a tear for a woman

who gave life to her son

and now I share him with her.


1 comment:

Kathy @ Teaching Good Things said...

Stunning pictures!!!

Funny how Cullen looks like one of 'them'! LOL

You're a true Titus 2 woman!!!


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