Wednesday, May 5, 2010

View from my front porch..come sit a spell..

We went Strawberry picking and eating as many as we could stuff in..
It's hot here already, folks.

Falling in love with my kids more every single day because that's what I do...I have nothing else to do except sit on my front porch and take in the beauty surrounding me (except laundry :) and taking in the beauty the Lord has given me.....I will not take one single day for granted..I will enjoy each and every one to the fullest..I will build memories so when they're old they will remember...


First pool

Channie hosted a tea party under the tree that her dad and I planted 14 years ago.

Cullen stayed up late one night and brought this to me in the morning.. I tell ya there is nothing better then the love of your five year old son. He loves me so much he wants to marry me one day.

I said "yes." I couldn't tell him no..and then he just hugged me and hugged me........

Boys wrestling ..

Very common around here I usually don't get involved unless one of them

stops having fun. Scott says it's what boys do..I believe him because they do it alot.

Rosie and Lucy drinking tea at the party under the tree in the front yard.

(I have always wondered what my babies looked like when I was a little girl.)

so whenever Taylor and Channie got babies they became part of our family.

They go everywhere with us. Vacation, grocery store,church...

I know this is crazy coming from a mom with 8 kids..Keeping up with them should

be enough but we have Lucy and Rosie and big Bertha (you might remember we took

her to the zoo with us.. :)

The boys bobbed for apples and wrestled in between :) I brought out icecream

and sprinkles.

I have only a few years left when all my kids are home with me and I plan to make the most

of them..from my front porch.


bbmommy2 said...

Warm strawberries right out of the garden, sprinkler on a hot day, tea sure know how to live well. :)
I love reading the way you cherish every moment. I take so much from how you cherish your family. Like how you set a nice table, just because you love them. You have inspired me to make meal times more special around my own table. Now, I just need to learn to walk away from my chores more and play.

A precious family, you all are!

Chantelle said...

Another beautiful reminder from you to take time to appreciate the little moments. Thank you. Please keep sharing! :)

momstheword said...

What a precious family you have! How blessed you are to have such a big family.

I always wanted lots of kids but God blessed us with only two, but I am very thankful for them.

Tea parties and sprinklers sound lovely!

~ Nan

momstheword said...

You know, we actually tried that! We tried to adopt a foster child but he wound up being given back to his previous foster parents to adopt (because they had prior claim as they had him longer). It was heartbreaking at the time.

God does not seem to be putting fostering or adopting into our hearts and at our age, we're to old to have any more on our own (plus I had infertility issues for years) anyway.

So I guess I'll just enjoy everybody elses until grandkids come along, lol!

Word Warrior said...

Loved this're the greatest Mom I know.


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