Monday, May 24, 2010

It's always better

The dishes done, we clamor outside and play football. The kids are used to being on his team. They each take their position running back, running back, center, and a tackle or two in the field.
His voice calls out "blue 52, hut!"
I'm used to cheering for him. Not because he's perfect but because he's close enough to perfect
for me ( I had to say that, a blast from the past!).
It's been a long day and yet when he hears "Dad, lets play some football" he's there.
Perfect quarter-back form he gently takes the ball from his beautiful center and sails it across the yard to one of his boys. I can't help but to remember my old high-school cheering days. Only this time I'm cheering for my team. My quarter back. The man that I adore. It's better this way. It's always better when we're together.
He has grown into his role as our quarter-back. I trust him. I know he's got the best interest of the team on his mind all the time and there's a sweet comfort in that.
The years of training and growing are looking good on him and I love who he is growing into.
Coop is like the wind. His feet can take him some place fast, he's always the go-to guy

because he's dependable and did I mention fast?

Fumble on the 50 yard line and the center watches on. She is also an un-paid referee and I suspect a foul or two will be called on those two. I see him catch the ball and run... I fight back the tears because my mind wonders the what ifs.
What if we would have listened to the nay-sayers in our life and not brought this little guy home.
His feet pounding the dirt and his heart pounding life. His smile pounding the door to my heart right down. Love is a leap you cannot deny. I'm glad we didn't deny him.

The darkness taking over and the lightning bugs dancing around us, the frogs so loud we have to almost shout.
We stop our game for the night and my quarterback and I pose for a quick picture for our adoring fans:
Our children...and then he kisses me and they all run away...:)


Anonymous said...

That's a cute pic of you and Scott. Tell him I like the facial hair - looks good on him!
Love ya, Julie

Jagna Co Kalani said...
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