Thursday, April 1, 2010

I wonder...

I wonder


I send him out every morning

clean and put together.

Every morning

30 minutes

later he comes in

dirty and happy.
I wonder how sending
a three year old into
the babies room can
have him coming out looking like this.

It makes no difference to me.

Clean or dirty I'm just

glad he's happy.

I'm thankful for his words that

have finally found their way here

after two years.

The words that I thought would never

come are living amongst us now.

Words like:

"mama said to share"

"I love you mama"

"I sleep in your floor?"

The victory of his words,

bringing Glory to my Father.

Welcome Home,

Jo's words

we're so glad you're here.


dragonfrye said...

Oh that strong smelling had to get off 'lotion'! I'm so glad you are enjoying your family!

missy said...

I have a five year old that always seems to be making a mess or into something. He says the messes just find him!!! I can grow impatient with him but he is such a sweetie in the same way and he loves everybody! Those messes wil go aways someday and then I will wish I had more to clean up. Love learning about your family! What blessings you have! Missy in TN

bbmommy2 said...

He found the bottom Grace has been in that thick cream a few times. :) So funny...I don't know what draws them to it and then to play in it.

Wonderful news, your precious little boy found his words.


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